Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where The Truth Lies


Indeed, where does the truth lie? A great title for a really great little film. This film is all about lies and the truth, each character having their own truths and lies affecting their life. This is a film by Atom Egoyan, and I had thought I had seen one of his films before, but this was my first. He is certainly an interesting film maker and he does not hold back the sexuality which really worked for this film.

This tells the story of a pair of entertainers and what happened to split them up and what really happened with a girl who was found dead in their hotel room. A journalist who is known for profiling celebrities has the task of finding out what actually happened. All the lies and the truths come to the surface and a pretty picture is not one that is painted.

We have Kevin Bacon as Lanny and Colin Firth as Vince, the two entertainers who are best friends. They know everything about each other, they stick up for each other, they have this close relationship and it is hard to see what could have split them up. These two had the perfect chemistry together, without that I don't think I would have been pulled in as much as I was. They are both fantastic in the roles, I think Kevin Bacon is a very under rated actor. Colin Firth I love to see him away from the rom com, he is also fantastic and this was a different role for him. Alison Lohman as the reporter was also quite good, she is a capable actress and she held her own. These are the three components which hold this film together, they have a story to tell, through the lies they tell, the truth is buried.

They all put on very brave performances, the sexuality element is well in your face, and they handled it so well. It wasn't that it was difficult to watch, some of it was rather unexpected. I felt the script was done in such a smart way, as we slowly have the truth revealed over the situation. It feels as if everyone has secrets and everyone lies, but what will it take to reveal the truth? I was impressed with Mr. Egoyan and I would love to see more of his work after this. I actually can't easily recommend this film, it certainly is not for everyone. But if you like a bit of mystery, interesting and strange characters, great performances and well you don't mind sex and nudity, couldn't hurt to give this a try. The less you know, the better, I did not know much going in and it worked for the experience of this type of film.

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