Monday, February 23, 2009

Mozzie Bites/Changes/Oscars

You know what really grinds my gears? Mosquito's and their bites!

Seriously, I am cursed! Either that or they just really love me. I did not get just one mosquito bite Saturday night while sound asleep, no. I did not get two or got...get ready for it...TWENTY MOZZIE BITES!

Most of them are on my right arm and follow on to my back, and I have a couple on my left arm, a few on my legs and three on my err chest. It is rather annoying, as they are itching like crazy! I used Mums mosquito bite zapper, and it seems to have worked on some bites and not others.

Of course my other half did not even get one bite, it could be because he had the fan on him and the fan wasn't on me and it blew the mosquito/s away from him.

In other news, I have made a decision, and I hope that this decision is for the best. By stopping taking something I do hope that my blood pressure will go down, and hopefully my weight will go down as well. Seeing as what the doctor gave me seems pretty useless, I decided not to take it anymore. Hopefully by doing this things will improve, and I can seek out other alternatives if it does work. I am mostly really concerned with my blood pressure, so I do hope it goes down. And the weight loss would be good as well, since going back on what I was on my weight has piled on. Last time I went off what I was on, I lost 10kgs in 7 weeks. I do hope that will repeat, that would be awesome. Although by going off what I am on it means I have to be more careful with other things, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

So I hope in a weeks time or so I can say, MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS DOWN!

Oh yeah, and how awesome is it that Milk won 2 Oscars!?

Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor.

Slumdog Millionaire won 8 awards, but I knew that would clean up, including Best Director for Danny Boyle which is great as I am a big fan of his and Best Picture.

Which reminds me I better email my sister with congrats, she is the Exec Producer of a two time Oscar winning film

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well I am ready for bed, I am very tired. I haven't been able to get a solid nights sleep for quite a few weeks, actually the closest I get it when I am at the other half's, and sleep in his bed. Maybe it is that his bed is so much more comfy than mine, a bit softer? Maybe I sleep better with company? Or maybe, because its the weekend I don't have much to worry about? Who knows eh?

I had to go back to the doctor tonight, the main issue seems to be my blood pressure, it was rather high when she took it. It has been high for quite some time, but it seemed it had gone down at the start of the week. I have to monitor it carefully, and need to investigate with the doctors as to what is causing it to be high. They think perhaps it could be the pill, the one I was on was known to cause high blood pressure, so I am trying a new one. Give it three months and see how I am with that. I'm feeling some side effects of this new pill, I really hope it will not be on going.

I will have to remember to check my blood pressure in the morning and see what it is like, I hope it is not high.

Meanwhile I am still on antibiotics until Monday, to get rid of this terrible sinus infection. I feel better, but my head is a bit blocked and yuk still. Great timing with it too, two weeks into my new job and I get it. I am on week three now, and I have to say it has been a crusty week for the most part, due to numerous things. Things at work, things going on around me.

I hope I can get a good nights rest, have a good day tomorrow and then enjoy a nice and relaxing evening with the other half, perhaps even throw in some Wii activities too hehe.

Good night and good luck xox

Monday, February 16, 2009

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People


So yes, this film is based on the memoir of Toby Young, however it is cliqued and predictable. But that doesn't mean it was bad, infact for the most part it was funny and enjoyable. While in the first 5 minutes you know exactly where it is headed, getting there is rather amusing!

Simon Pegg plays Sidney Young, a British writer who winds up getting a job at a New York based high profile magazine called Shapre, run by editor Clayton Harding (Jeff Bridges). Of course as he arrives, he does the alienating! From wearing inappropriate clothes to work on the first day, to saying and doing the wrong things. You will cringe and feel awfully embarrassed for Sidney! He meets co-worker Alison played by Kirsten Dunst and naturally they strike up a friendship despite how much he annoys her. Then there is the up and coming actress Sophie Maes played by the fox Megan Fox, whom he has a crush on. Naturally Sidney finds out, that with the celebrities he has to write approved articles from their publicist Eleanor (Gillian Anderson looking mighty fine I might add), which he does not feel right doing, thus making him more an outcast. I wont go into much more of the plot, as you can guess what happens anyway.

Simon Pegg suits this kind of role, so he rather good as Sidney. Kirsten Dunst was alright, their chemistry was so-so, some scenes worked while others didn't. Megan Fox had an easy role to played and she looked good, nothing to complain about. (Check out the faux trailer for the Mother Teresa biopic Megan Fox's chatacter stars in, within the film, very funny, it is on YouTube) Jeff Bridges had a small role but he worked, his hair was a character of its own actually.
This is in the vein of something like The Devil Wears Prada, only the poor man's version of it. This certainly wont be for everyone, but not a bad way to spend an evening.

The Rocker


I had heard mixed things about this, so I went in with average expectations. It wasn't really a rip off of School Of Rock, story was different but they both had the kicked out of the band loser character. Although in the case of School Of Rock, Dewey (Jack Black) was a fun and likable character. In The Rocker, Robert Fishman or Fish for short (Rainn Wilson) isn't all that likable and is not really all that fun either.
I did not find this to be really funny either, the jokes did not work for me. While I am sure Fish and his dress style was supposed to be funny, I just found it overly lame and stupid. The film actually drags out in parts, and I kept finding myself falling asleep, which is always not a good sign. It had a promising cast as well, with the likes of Christina Applegate, but she hardly had anything to work with. Josh Gad looked like a Jonah Hill clone, although less annoying. Emma Stone looked cute, and did what she had to do. Overal I would say this is a perfect example of a failed attempt at a comedy, it wanted to be something good but it wasn't. Rainn Wilson usually is pretty good, but I thought it he was below average here. While the film looked like a good idea on paper, on film it failed.

The People Vs. George Lucas

This looks pretty good, should be interesting.

Ackbar! The Star Wars Talk Show

This cracked me up big time hehe

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working ect...

I had not realised it had been awhile since I actually updated this thing. Since I have been on, I actually had a job interview and the day after I got the call I had the job. So I am now working, which actually explains my lack of activity, it has been rather busy for yours truly. I started work on the 2nd, and basically up at 6.15am, and home at around 6.30pm so you know thats almost 12hrs, get home and am so tired I end up in bed early. That is how it has been for the fortnight, add in that Rachel my lovely sister got married on the 7th (And yes that was the unfortunate day the bushfires happened, and we were lucky where we were that no fires happened there) so there was actually a lot going on. And then I think with the drastic weather changes, I got a nice sinus infection and spent this past week sick, and no voice ect...

Things are starting to settle now and I am getting into a routine so hopefully I can manage to actually blog more, and get my thoughts and ideas down, and continue to write my reviews. I still have not managed to write down my Milk review, so keep an eye out for that.

Until next time folks, stay cool.


Valkyrie Review
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So I went into this with average expectations, and without much knowledge at all about the true events. I just knew it was about a plot to assassinate Hilter which obviously failed (Since Hitler committed suicide).

This film has bad some bad press (due mostly to Tom Cruise and the release having been pushed back), but you know what? I thought it was a really good film. Lets get one thing out of the way which apparently has bothered a lot of people. The accents, yes Tom Cruise does not adopt a German accent, he just uses his own. You know what, after a few minutes it didn't really bother me. I thought, I'm wondering how terrible it would have been and how unintentionally funny it would have been if he did adopt a German accent? The rest of the cast as well for the most part just used their normal accents and you know it worked. I think it would have actually taken away from their performances if they had the German accents, I am sure they would have done alright but it all just worked for me anyway. I didn't need phony accents for this film.

I really liked the way it was set and the pacing of the film. It did not drag, it actually went along nicely and during certain scenes, I felt the tension and I was on the edge of my seat wondering how things were going to go down. I've heard people say there was no real tension in the film, but I disagree. I felt it, and it was good.

I do really like Bryan Singer as a film maker, I've liked/loved all of his films. There is just a certain something he does, makes things interesting, gets some great performances from his actors. Visually the film is quite good too, it did feel authentic. The costumes were pretty awesome as well, they all looked the part.

Tom Cruise I thought did just fine, one of his better roles actually. I don't have a problem with him as an actor (I'll separate his crazy personal life from his film work), while he does have his weak moments, this I did not think was one of them. He had a great role and he rolled with it. Bill Nighy is awesome, the man can do no wrong. He was wrong here, and he owned the role. I did not even recognise Eddie Izzard until I saw his name in the credits! Good job there, and an interesting piece of casting. Tom Wilkinson was meant to play this role, he owned it as well. Terance Stamp was great, the man has such presence. Although I kept wanting to shout GENERAL ZOD everytime he was on screen and getting called General hehe. David Bamber who played Hitler was really good, he looked the part and he was quite creepy, I was really impressed. Everyone else was really good, I don't think there was a bad performance.

This film certainly isn't for everyone, but I would say give it a try. I mean if you like your WWII films, definitely check this out. A fan of one of the main cast members, yes check it out. Do not let the bad press turn you off.