Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ahh the awesome Rena :o)

Recently I discovered the actress Rena Riffel who has been in Showgirls, Striptease and Mulholland Dr was on MySpace. And also that she had Written, Directed, Produced and Starred in her very own movie called Trasharella! I contacted her on MySpace and to my surprise she actually wrote back, every single time!

So I decided to make her a little graphic, to show my appreciation. Anyway, the lovely woman that she is wrote back and really made my day.

Hi Super Marcey! I LOVE the photo you made me!!! Wow! I will use it as my screen saver ;-), love the FX you used on it! Thank you so much, that is so nice of you. I appreciate it very much. Have a wonderful day!
All the best to you :-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009



I ended up actually liking this more then I expected. I was put off by negative reviews, but I thought meh why not give it a chance.

I usually like Oliver Stone's films, and Josh Brolin has been quite the amazing actor as of late.

This basically highlights the events in George W. Bush's life, starting from college all the way to 2004. It shows how he desperately wanted his fathers approval and to be liked by everyone. Was Stone's intention for us to sympathise with Bush? Possibly, but that could have been unintentional as well. In parts it felt like he wanted to remain unbiased, but then there are scenes that are, a little bit of a mixed bag. Some parts it felt like the man we were seeing was getting in too deep, not being all that smart, trying to want to do the right thing but failing. Then in other parts here was a man being manipulated, and almost unable to really do things on his own. As shown in one part, when he was asked hard questions he wasn't able to answer them on his own, but quite capable of doing a strong speech when someone else had written it for him. Not all that different from what we saw from the real Bush.

It is almost like Stone was unsure of how he felt about the man, and unsure of how he wants his audience to feel about him. Sure, the subject at hand isn't an easy one, and I think he took the safe route here.

Performance wise, Josh Brolin once again shows just what a fantastic actor he really is. He looked a bit like Bush, his sounded exactly like Bush, his voice, his accent, it was spot on. He carried himself well and he was very convincing. I do have to add though, most of the cast were too good looking. Brolin is too handsome, Bush isn't an attractive man, but yes it is a film. Elizabeth Banks was quite strong as well, again too good looking, but here she shows her range as an actress and she is fast becoming a favourite. James Cromwell as usual gives a strong performance, he was quite good as Bush Sr. Jeffrey Wright was great, he usually is. I felt he put a lot into his performance. Good stuff from Richard Dreyfus and Toby Jones as well, interesting casting choices there as well, but they were quite good in their roles. Another example of someone being too good looking for the role was Thandie Newton. She had so much make up on, it looked like she couldn't move her face. She was extremely annoying, just like the real Condie, good job though. Ellen Burstyn was great as Barbara. She looked the part and she played the part, that was a good piece of casting. I noticed a few familiar faces in smaller roles, such as Jesse Bradford (Swimfan), Jason Ritter (The Class) and Noah Wyle (ER).

The pacing is a bit off at times, but for the most part I thought it flowed quite well. I can see why people might not like it, but I really didn't mind it at all. At least give it a chance if you like Oliver Stone or Josh Brolin.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And the tests continue!

Yep, more tests are needed, and probably more after that! What fun! And I have to say, they are not pleasant tests either.

Basically I got told at the hospital, nothing is clear as to why I have high blood pressure. My adrenal gland is enlarged and it has some growth thing on it, but don't worry it isn't cancer or anything. (That is how he said it btw) So basically they don't have clear evidence of what is causing the high blood pressure, but they need more tests to find out. They have to know for certain before they go in and do anything like surgery. It seems though this will all end with me having surgery. I mean I have other symptoms that there is something going on with my body, just no idea what it is.

This is like a really long episode of House... although I would rather be on House! I think he would actually be better to deal with, and he would find out the problem is in no time!

And so it continues...more waiting...

Meanwhile I caught this really amazingly bad movie called Gymkata! I mean it is truly awful, but that is what makes it so insanely awesome that it rocks! Look it up on YouTube, truly some awesome stuff. I have a book that has to do with the undead to finish reading, I have some comics I want to reread again before I put my thoughts down. I also have some more movies to watch (Looking forward to Outlander) and I have some shows to catch up on.

I have applied for quite a few jobs, I hope to actually hear back from something. Tomorrow I will keep going, and the next day and the next day. I am applying for jobs twice, even three times. There is hardly anything out there, every day it seems less and less new jobs are appearing. But in times like these you really need to stay positive and never give up. I started this course, and hopefully that will get me noticed. I need that piece of paper to say I am qualified. After that I might even go on to more courses, and hopefully work at the same time.

I feel a bit in limbo at the moment, between my health issues, being on going and everything. I might have to wait awhile but hopefully things will work out. I don't mind working in say retail for the short term, get some money behind me, and then pursue the things I really want to be doing. But its just a matter of getting that job, and seeing what other courses and options I have, and then do them.

I also think it is about time I start having driving lessons, so in the next few months I am going to try and organise that, get some money behind me, get that confidence back and do it.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One more test...

So I had a few blood tests last week (They went fine, I had a nice nurse, no massive bruises or anything yay) and a few other tests. Today I have the last test which is an abdomen CT scan, which I know will take some time to do. Then I go back to the hospital next Tuesday morning for the results. Hopefully this will tell if I have this Cushings Disease or if there is something else going on. I hope I wont have to have more tests, it is rather annoying. It feels like a prolonged episode of House lol.

In other news I started my I.T. course on Tuesday afternoon, it was pretty easy. But we had to go back and do some units from the course before it. I think it is so we are qualified for the Cert III level. Should start getting homework for it next week, that should be good. I am looking forward to it, hopefully in the coming weeks it will be more of a challenge anyway.

Tila a stripper?

Source: HollywoodTuna.com / Wenn.com

So Tila Tequila went to some club, and decided to get in on the action and act as a stripper. She showed off her skills, and her pole skills for the waiting public. However she did not take all of her clothes off, she just teased everyone. She did though have a nip slip earlier on Wednesday where she unveiled her new album I Love My DJ. Say what you will about her, but when you get nip slips and stripper photos, can you really complain? Just sit back, relax and enjoy folks!

Tila 01 Tila 02 Tila 03 Tila 04 Tila 05

Scarlet in Mango

Source: HollywoodTuna.com

Scarlet Johansson has some new photos out for ads in Mango, and I must say these look rather 80's. It is probably impossible for Scarlet to look bad, and despite the 80's feel and those clothes she still manages to look amazing. Not only that, she has this strange innocent look in these photos as well, quite the contrast from the pictures we've seen of her as Black Widow in the upcoming Iron Man 2. I'd expect to see a lot more of Scarlet with Iron Man 2 coming very soon and promotion in full swing. Until then check out these photos, and just gawk in amazement over how fantastic this woman looks, or should I say always looks?!

Scarlet 01 Scarlet 02 Scarlet 03

Back up J-Lo

Source: LaineyGossip.com

Jennifer Lopez stepped out with her man Marc Anthony at the Miami screening of her new film The Back Up Plan. I will come right out and say this, the film judging by the trailer looks terrible, however not looking terrible is J-Lo. She looks smokin', even though that dress ain't showing the goods. I've always had a soft spot for J-Lo, have not seen much of her lately so it is good to see she is still looking mighty fine. Sorry I can't say the same for her new film, I am sure we will hear more about it in the coming weeks. At least she has some Aussie back up with Alex O'Loughlin as her co'star. I much prefer her away from the rom-com scene, c'mon she was great in The Cell.

Jennifer Lopez 01 Jennifer Lopez 02 Jennifer Lopez 03

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rachel at Blu

Source: JustJared.com & x17Online.com

The OC was a guilty pleasure back in the day (Gossip Girl has since taken its place), and my favorite character was Summer played by the ultra hottie Rachel Bilson. I haven't seen much of her lately, but she was spotted having lunch in LA at the Blu Jam Cafe. I must say, she is looking pretty darn good, too bad she's got that trench coat on though! Good news though she has a new film coming soon called Waiting For Forever which she co-stars with Jane Seymour. Nice to see her getting work, I thought she was (along with Adam Brody) the real talent on The OC. She was one of the only decent things in Jumper I might add. Looking as good as she is and with a new film, I hope we see more and more of Ms Bilson, yes please!

Rachel Bilson 01 Rachel Bilson 02 Rachel Bilson 03 Rachel Bilson 04

Jennifer likes short and black

Source: JustJared.com

Classic hottie Jennifer Connelly along with her ultra talented husband Paul Bettany attended the 2010 Tribeca Ball at the New York Academy of Art on Tuesday in NYC. Jennifer dressed in a nice short black dress looked just stunning, this woman does not change and she always manages to look perfect. Is it wrong to say I am extremely jealous that Mr. Bettany gets to go home to that every night? Damm baby! Not only is she looking stunning, but that smile is just intoxicating, one flash of that and I would do whatever she asked, no questions! In my opinion this woman can do no wrong, and as you can see in the pictures below she is looking mighty fine. Jennifer is currently attached to the film project Salvation Boulevard, along with the likes of Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan.

Jennifer Connelly 01 Jennifer Connelly 02 Jennifer Connelly 03 Jennifer Connelly 04

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jessica Shows Off

Source: HollywoodTuna

Jessica Simpson is back to normal, after those weird pictures came out of her with a weird pixie hair cut, she has stepped out with her normal hair! Say what you will about Jessica but she is looking pretty damn good here, and check out that cleavage she is sporting! Very nice, and that dress is short to boot and her legs are looking to be in great shape! These photos are from Good Housekeeping’s 125th Anniversary party, not sure I can really picture her doing house keeping duties after that reality show she did a few years back! But I am glad to see she is back to looking normal and looking like a blond bombshell once again.

Jessica Simpson 01 Jessica Simpson 02 Jessica Simpson 03 Jessica Simpson 04

Sarah Jessica Does Vogue

Source: PopSugar.com

Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover of the May issue of Vogue, with the upcoming release of Sex And The City 2. Be prepared to hear a lot more about SATC 2 and to see more of Sarah Jessica and the rest of the girls. I must admit this is a really nice cover and photoshoot for the magazine, I am not her biggest fan but I can admit when she looks good. Perhaps air brushing has played a part but it looks classy, and that is nice for her. Will she be all class in the up and coming film? Or will Carrie be showing her assets? Time will tell, until then we will surely have more magazine covers and TV spots to fill that void till the film comes out, for those excited about it that is. Naturally Sarah Jessica does discuss the film in her interview with the magazine as well as family life.

Vogue Cover Vogue Photo 01 Vogue Photo 02

Pamela Hates Pasties

Source: ImNotObsessed.com

Pamela Anderson stepped out at a Milkshake event (ironic eh?) and she isn't wearing something which exposes her cleavage! Looking a bit more reserved, however that dress is short, at least she's keeping with the spirit of things, the real talk is about pasties! Apparently Dancing With The Stars folk have forced Pamela to wear pasties so her nipples wont get exposed on the TV show. She told Ryan Seacrest that "I think the pasties arrive at every rehearsal and everywhere I go. They hand them to me. I don't like them. They bother me and I burst through them anyway... it's just a nipple!". Apparently ABC are worried of a costume mishap, but this is Pamela and knowing this former Baywatch babe that is a real possibility, do we care though? Sure she is looking her age these days but still, I can't imagine that chest is looking bad these days!

Pamela Anderson 01 Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson 03

Monday, April 13, 2009

Eliza and her Triathlon

Source: ElizaFan.com

On Sunday Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku stepped out with her boyfriend Rick Fox and took part in the 3rd Annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon. Now if you are like me the only words you took in there were Eliza and beach! Now this event was for charity and that is even more reason to love Eliza, but Eliza at the beach is pretty good enough reason too! This woman is in good damn shape and she is looking mighty fine too I might add, even with that cap on her head! Is there anything she can't do, seriously? She is divine and she is mighty fine, and I think it is safe to say this is one hottie we can't get enough of! The pictures below show her doing her triathlon duties, and I sure as heck want in on doing that with her, I don't care how worn out I would get!

Eliza Dushku 01 Eliza Dushku 02 Eliza Dushku 03 Eliza Dushku 04 Eliza Dushku 05

Fishnet's for Gossip Girl

Source: Celebuzz.com

Our not so innocent Gossip Girl Jenny Humphrey aka Taylor Momsen, stepped out on stage with her band Pretty Reckless Friday night. I don't know about you but I had no idea she was in a band or that she sang, color me impressed! No idea if this girl is any good, but by the looks of these photos the girl knows how to perform! I am sure this Gossip Girl raised more then a few eye brows with her barely there dress and fishnet stockings, not to mention she's channeling 80's Madonna with that rosary around her neck, nice! This 16 year old is sure to keep turning heads if she keeps this up, and how about that band name, it really suits her Gossip Girl character huh? The performance was part of the VANS Warped Tour 2010 Press Conference held at LA's Key Club.

Taylor Momsen 01 Taylor Momsen 02 Taylor Momsen 03 Taylor Momsen 04

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Duff From Behind

Source: JustJared

Hilary Duff who has sure grown into one hottie young lady stepped out in support of her fiance Mike Comrie at the Staples Center on Saturday. Well Mike's team won and he did score two goals, I am sure Hilary cheered him on and let's hope she gave him some good loving after the match! Hilary showed off how well she can wear a pair of jeans, and giving us those thoughts of what we'd like to do with her back to us in the picture below! Oh Hilary, with a smile like that and a such a great behind how can anyone not want some of that? Hilary is easily my guilty pleasure hottie, especially when she can wear jeans oh so well, thank you!

Hilary Duff 01 Hilary Duff 02

McCord and Bikini's

Source: JustJared

Kellan Lutz, yes that guy from Twilight hit the beaches in the Netherlands (St . Martins) over the weekend with his 90210 hottie girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord. Not only did these two hit the beach but AnnaLynne brought her hottie older sister Angel along for the ride. What could be more enjoyable than two hotties in their bikini's and all wet? Not much, that's for sure, enjoyment to be had all round! Vacationing on the beach needs to be done oh so often, so we can enjoy those bikini's and gorgeous bodies. With a hottie like this, Mr. Lutz is one lucky boy and AnnaLynee is surely making those Twihards extremely jealous!

AnnaLynne 01 AnnaLynne 02 AnnaLynne 03

Saturday, April 4, 2009



I feel like I've been waiting a long time for this, it had a really awesome trailer and a promising cast.

For me it delivered, it was pretty much what I expected it to be. Simple plot, a husband (Thomas Jane) and wife (Diane Lane) end up in a situation involving a professional hitman (Mickey Rourke) and an up and comer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). The husband and wife get put into protective custody to protect them, while they get hunted down.

It is a simple script, nothing too confusing, plays out a little bit on the predictable side. However you can let that go because the cast for the most part give great performances. Mickey Rourke especially is the stand out, and he does steal the show from time to time. While he isn't going so, Joseph Gordon-Levitt does. He proves once again what an excellent actor he is, capable of almost any kind of role. Thomas Jane was good as well, he has been better (The Mist), for me though the weakest link was Diane Lane. Certainly not one of her best roles, but she falls a bit flat. I think the role would have suited someone else.

Not sure why this was kept on the shelves for so long, it is a good film, it doesn't drag. Good Friday night's entertainment. Certainly check it out if you are a fan of Mickey Rourke or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well me and Dan spent the weekend at the Melbourne Supanova Expo. It was pretty cool for the most part.

I liked Armageddon better, but maybe that is because Christy was there and I had a great time hanging out with her.

The real disappointment was Hayden Panittiere, I spent the money to meet her and get her autograph mainly because of Heroes. And she was a huge snob, she didn't even answer hello, how are you. She refused (apparently her people wanted it) photos, unless it was a paid for $50 professional photo, and she apparently only smiled for the camera for the photo sessions and didn't want people to touch her. My gawd, that is real awful behaviour! I mean talk about prima donna, she gives that a new name! Someone commented that it seemed like she didn't care or want to meet her fans. That is horrible! Without the fans she would be a no body, and acting that way is not right! She has lost a fan here, I mean why agree to appear if you are going to act like that! Everyone else seemed really nice and looked like they wanted to meet and chat to the fans. As I understand it Katee Sackhoff (BSG) did not want photos taken during her panel sessions, but photos at any other time were fine and she was really nice to fans, I haven't seen much of BSG (I do want to) but I would have rather of spent my money and met her.

I spent most of the time with Daniel, and he was there for the comic book artists that were there. I have to say they were some of the nicest people, it was a lot of fun. He got some fantastic sketches as well, and as I would imagine some very helpful and insightful feedback from them on his own art work. I picked up a few comics, and so far I've only read The Example which I really liked. Tom Taylor who wrote it was such a cool guy, I emailed him after I read it. He did say to send him an email when I had read it (lol he said if I hated it to tell him I loved it hehe), and he wrote back a few hours later to say thanks and good news he did remember me haha. Colin Wilson's art work on the comic was nice as well, I really would like to read their Star Wars Invasion comics when it comes out soon. Nicola Scott did this awesome Supergirl picture for Daniel to go with a Superman one she did for him in 07, it looks fantastic. Her work is great, and she was such a nice person as well. Goodness what else was there? David Yardin, man his stuff was so awesome, he was busy over the weekend and after chatting to him, Daniel got a free quick Superman sketch, how nice hehe. Oh and then there was W. Chew Chan or Chewie hehe, he was cool, very cool! Got to see some work he did for Superman Returns, and he did a neat (free) sketch for Dan of Superman. I got the two issue Buckaroom Banzai comics which he did the art work for, should be an interesting read. I also have The Twilight Saga, which is about a serial killer, I think it will be 5 issues. I spoke to the writer/artist, forgot his name because it was long as haha but he was nice. It was cool to talk about Watchmen actually hehe NERDO!

Well I hope they hold the next one somewhere else, it was really stuffy at the showgrounds and there were soo many flies, a little unpleasant I must say.

Phew that is all for now hehe

Health Update

I thought I would write about how I went at the hospital on Tuesday. All my tests came back alright, however the ultra sound showed that my adrenal gland was enlarged on my right side, and this is likely causing my high blood pressure as well as my weight problems. I am having a CT scan in two weeks, so they can have a closer look, and then Monday I have to have several blood tests as well as a urine test, to check my hormones. The doctor thinks there is a possibility that I might have Cushings disease, so these tests will show if I have that or not, but all my symptoms are pointing that way. So we will see what happens with further tests, and then start treating it. The doctor gave me a prescription to continue the medication my other doctor gave me, as it seems to be working in controlling my blood pressure. In three weeks time, I will have a better idea of what is going on, so lets hope for the best.

Last two days I've had a migraine and I feel it coming on again, headache has not left. Not much fun for me this week!!

I did hear that I start my Cert III in I.T. course on the 14th, so that is something to look forward too! Hopefully I get all the details in the mail tomorrow or Monday.