Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pamela Hates Pasties

Source: ImNotObsessed.com

Pamela Anderson stepped out at a Milkshake event (ironic eh?) and she isn't wearing something which exposes her cleavage! Looking a bit more reserved, however that dress is short, at least she's keeping with the spirit of things, the real talk is about pasties! Apparently Dancing With The Stars folk have forced Pamela to wear pasties so her nipples wont get exposed on the TV show. She told Ryan Seacrest that "I think the pasties arrive at every rehearsal and everywhere I go. They hand them to me. I don't like them. They bother me and I burst through them anyway... it's just a nipple!". Apparently ABC are worried of a costume mishap, but this is Pamela and knowing this former Baywatch babe that is a real possibility, do we care though? Sure she is looking her age these days but still, I can't imagine that chest is looking bad these days!

Pamela Anderson 01 Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson 03

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