Thursday, April 2, 2009

Health Update

I thought I would write about how I went at the hospital on Tuesday. All my tests came back alright, however the ultra sound showed that my adrenal gland was enlarged on my right side, and this is likely causing my high blood pressure as well as my weight problems. I am having a CT scan in two weeks, so they can have a closer look, and then Monday I have to have several blood tests as well as a urine test, to check my hormones. The doctor thinks there is a possibility that I might have Cushings disease, so these tests will show if I have that or not, but all my symptoms are pointing that way. So we will see what happens with further tests, and then start treating it. The doctor gave me a prescription to continue the medication my other doctor gave me, as it seems to be working in controlling my blood pressure. In three weeks time, I will have a better idea of what is going on, so lets hope for the best.

Last two days I've had a migraine and I feel it coming on again, headache has not left. Not much fun for me this week!!

I did hear that I start my Cert III in I.T. course on the 14th, so that is something to look forward too! Hopefully I get all the details in the mail tomorrow or Monday.

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