Monday, August 31, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #51

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #51

Blade Runner

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #5

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #5

The Adventures Of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Align Center

I think the sheer shittness of this one just speaks for itself. AWFUL! Poster and film are rotten pieces of crap, and they should burn in hell! Yuk yuk yuk!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Love You, Man


Bromance, I hate that word, but it kind of is fitting with this film. Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) has just gotten engaged and he realises he does not have any male friends. Queue Peter going on 'dates' with several men to try and find a Best Man for the wedding. Along the way he meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel), the two get along and become friends, which of course causes complications.

I love Paul Rudd, he is a great actor and he is easy on the eyes. He does however play the same character all the time, and yes whilst he does do it so well it gets very repetitive. Peter Klaven is no different, he does what he can with the role but it is a very bland character. I think all the personality went into the Sydney Fife character, he sure is a blast.

The girlfriend/fiancee Zooey (Rashida Jones)
is likable at times but then she comes off as annoying. Not sure it really works, because of the relationship she holds with her friends. The supporting characters however do really work well, and the actors do a good job playing them. Jon Favreau plays the prick so well, watch out for him, as well as The Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno playing well himself.

I mean I don't think you can really go wrong with this film, it isn't laugh out loud funny but it is fun all the same. It is a nice ride and of course it has a nice satisfying ending. Not bad for an evening in, good stuff.

Ils (Them)


Ils aka Them, French film, all I knew was that people had raved about it and that The Strangers was more or less an Americanised version. Plot? Simple, a couple get terrorised in their home. By whom? Them!

This is actually a short film, to a degree this works really well as it flows quickly and it really sucks you right in. On the downside, I would have liked our main characters to have been fleshed out a bit more, as when the terror starts you really need to feel for these people. It also left a lot to the imagination which isn't a bad thing, in some cases it can be more frightening, but in the case of this film I think we should have been shown more.

The two main characters Clémentine (Olivia Bonamy) and Lucas (Michael Cohen) are likable enough, they seem happy and they don't really seem like they deserve anything bad to happen to them. Which is why I kind of wanted more with them. We do not see much of "Them" and that is affective and when we find out something about "Them" it is actually quite shocking and it sent me chills down my spine too.

This has been compared to The Strangers and it is kind of similar but in other ways not really. I felt this didn't have the plot holes of that film and it flowed so much better. I would actually recommend checking this out over that to start with. But I thought this was overall a great film, strong performances, some great cinematography and a very creepy feel to it. It has a running time of around 77minutes, not long at all.

Films like this really tap into your fears of being invaded in your own home, some place you are meant to feel safe. This takes you out of your comfort zone, and I can easily say after watching this I looked out my window, making sure "Them" were not lurking outside. When a film can do that, there is definitely something there.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #50

Wow, up to 50 already!

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #50


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 9 - Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Films w/Steven (BBB)

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Super Podcast, I am joined with my Top 5 buddy Steven AKA Big Bada Boomba from Empire. Our topic for this episode is another Top 5 list, we delve into our Top 5 Guilty Pleasure films! Guilty Pleasure films are a special gem, we love them so.

Highlights include:

  • Number 5 we pick films which are universally classed as truly awful!
  • Our Number 4’s are again universally classed as truly awful, however my film is much more loved haha!
  • The films we picked for Number 3 are both in the same horror franchise.
  • Number 2, we have the same pick! We rule!
  • For our Number 1’s we have very different films, one has animation and one has Van Damme!
  • And much much more!

This was such a fun show to do, these films offer so much comedy gold, we love them! As always you can drop me a line at

Listen Now:

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Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #49

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #49

Return Of The Living Dead Part III

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inside (À l'intérieur)


Wow! Inside eh, another film that came highly recommended and I wasn't really sure what to expect. All I knew it was about a pregnant woman and some shit happens. Well some shit did happen! Whoa!

So what is this about? Film starts off with a car accident, we see it involved a pregnant woman and her partner has been killed. Fast forward 4 months and the pregnancy is coming along well. The woman goes home one day and then some crazy woman is creeping around the house, and the shit hits the fan!

I don't want to give anything away, the less you know the better this film works. It is a very bloody, brutal and at times over the top film. So much so for me I actually laughed at parts because the violence was so over the top. But it is a partly serious film, the issues it raises are serious, however the over the top violence does make it less serious, but awfully brutal. The situation the lead woman is in, is very grim, and you really do feel for her and do not want to see anything happen to her. The woman who is after her is rather creepy and you really just want to grab a knife and stab her in the back.

But for me this film worked pretty darn well, and watching it unfold and not knowing what to expect was great. The two main leads gave pretty strong performances, especially the pregnant woman, she was fantastic. The other minor players did well too, nothing wrong there.

One problem I had was just that some characters got disposed of quickly, and it just seemed a bit too silly. This woman apparently was smarter then everyone, and Jason, Michael, Freddy ect could certainly take some lessons from her. Other then that, as I said there is over the top violence, but I didn't mind that. It all added to the brutality of the film, and there was a lot of blood! One scene in particular stuck out for me and it involved a head, that is all I shall say.

The look of the film was great, the camera work was fantastic, the use of colour worked so well, when you saw red, you really felt it! I dug that a lot. The atmosphere was also fantastic and it worked so well, there were some shots that really looked creepy and it worked so well.

There isn't much to fault with this film, it is such a different and unexpected ride. The french certainly make interesting genre films! As a woman this film certainly does feed into certain fears, and on that level it can be rather disturbing, and this is a difficult film to recommend. Genre fans certainly check this one out.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #48

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #48

The Fearless Vampire Killers

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



This is an extremely difficult film to write a review on, even more difficult is to try and write it without giving up spoilers. I will try my best to keep this spoiler free.

This film is about a girl Lucie (Myléne Jampanoi) who was tortured, escaped her captures and then is haunted by a demon. Grown up she finds the people who tortured her, and her childhood friend Anna (Morjana Alaoui) joins her ... and well that is when we venture into spoiler territory.

This film is made up of two parts, the first half (or the first 49mins) and the second half. The first half is completely different then the second half. The first half starts off as this no holds barred horror/thriller, the tortured girl escaping, making a new friend, being haunted by some kind of demon, grows up and finds the people who did it to her. The events that unfold are indeed shocking, gruesome and certainly they do not hold anything back. Not much is really explained, and you know what, I didn't mind that so much. As these events kind of finish up, the film takes a turn and we enter our second half.

The second half changes in tone, enter some new things, and a possible explanation. Now whilst the tone changes, the brutality and gruesome nature however do not. And after 20 minutes or so you really start to wonder where this is going. This does end rather strange, they wanted to give an explanation, and I kind of saw where this was headed. But I am not sure I liked it, but it did give you some things to think about. I actually would have liked this to have gone a different route and maybe not explain things, it surely would have been a lot more creepier perhaps and a more affective horror film. But they went for something different, and you'll either love it or dislike it I think.

Performance wise, this film does not fail. Both our female leads are quite amazing and the things they have to endure through this film are quite brutal and they really give strong and credible performances. Everyone else is quite good in this as well, and I certainly could not find a fault. The actual look of the film is something I liked as well, the use of restrained colours I especially liked. The effects were pretty spot on and they looked and felt real. I felt every drop of blood.

This film certainly is not for everyone and I can imagine it would be quite a hard watch for a lot of people. If you want to take a chance with something a bit different, go for it, but be warned you might not leave happy!

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #47

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #47

Inglourious Basterds

Yeah you know exactly why I think this is awesome.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I haven't been able to write a review for this film yet, I have several reviews I need to write up. But I just wanted to say I loved Basterds with a passion! Tarantino has made a fantastic film and certainly one of his best! I loved every second of it! SEE IT!!!

PS I loved and adored Eli Roth in the film, he had a great role and I thought he was just superb! Go Eli Go!

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #4

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #4

Battlefield Earth

Hmmm so many things that are shit about this poster, John Travolta's floating alien head, his silly green eyes! Arg it is atrocious! That tag line should be "Prepare for scientology shit" because that is exactly what this film is! Awful film, awful poster, avoid at all costs! XENU!!!

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #46

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #46


Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 8 - Top 5 Fav Films w/Steven (BBB)

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Super Podcast, I am joined with my Showgirls buddy Steven AKA Big Bada Boomba from Empire. We thought we would have a discussion on our top 5 favourite films. We both had a hard time getting a top 5 together but at the time of recording this is the list we came up with. These are films which are personal to us, favourites, which does not mean the best films ever made. No that list would probably be quite different.

Highlights include:

  • At number 5 Steven has picked one half of a film, I wasn’t able to actually pick 1 film so I have 2!
  • With number 4 we have 2 completely different films picked, I admit my choice is probably a bad film but we agree its fun.
  • Number 3 for Steven has vampires whilst mine has a missing ear.
  • Steven has another horror film for number 2 and my pick features lots of Misters.
  • For our number 1’s we both have chosen very personal films for very different reasons.

Hope you enjoy listening to Steven and I go through this list and who knows, maybe by the time you hear it we’ll have changed our choices. As always you can drop me a line at

Listen Now:

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Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #44

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #44

House On Haunted Hill

MGR Podcast - Episode 2: I want to pump you like a 12 gauge shotgun!

Via MGR Podcast website

Episode 2: I want to pump you like a 12 gauge shotgun!

Well, this is quite frankly the best trainwreck of a show ever produced. And that's the truth.


Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth - Artist on Artist

I want to be on Eli Roth

Artist on Artist with Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh


So this has been on my to see list since pre-production, and I am sure there are those of you which would know why, and if you don't well, bad luck. It felt like it took forever for this to even get a trailer and then released. But finally it came out and to some pretty mixed reviews, which after seeing it I can understand.

So this story is an adaptation of a novel written by Michael Chabon, which I have not read. It is set during a summer in the 80's, Art (Jon Foster) who has clear daddy issues (his father is a known gangster type played by Nick Nolte) and he wants to distance himself from that and get a job. He works at a book store, he starts having it off with his boss (Mena Suvari). One day he meets Jane (Sienna Miller) and her boyfriend Cleveland (Peter Sarsgaard) and they have adventures together. Well that is the best way I can put it, you have the three central characters, all very different but they suddenly start hanging out together.

Art has a bit of a messed up life, and he's a confused guy, and obviously this is supposed to show him finding himself. But for me I didn't really feel it, and his attraction to Jane I found confusing. Maybe it is because I found her character rather boring and bland, and Sienna Miller just seemed to add to that (How come her accent was much better here then in G.I. Joe?), I felt Jane could have been more exciting and someone wroth lusting over but it just didn't happen. The real spitfire was Cleveland played so well by Peter Sarsgaard who was the definite stand out. There was definitely more chemistry between Cleveland and Art then there was between Art and Jane or Art and Cleveland. The love triangle which builds between them certainly complicates matters and it seems like the characters were too clueless to sort their stuff out. The film starts off rather solidly, and it builds towards a good middle but it falls flat with the third act, it almost felt as if they had no idea how they wanted to end it. It was some what muddled at times, and it almost lost me.

I have a feeling the source material would have been so much better and I do feel like actually tracking it down. This film isn't terrible or anything, it isn't bad, but it certainly could have been much better, it had a lot of potential. If only it had a much stronger third act, it would have elevated it for me. This is certainly worth checking out if you are a fan of Peter Sarsgaard.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #43

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #43


Because it is in QT's top 20!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Still my favourite youtube video of all time

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #42

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #42


This comes as a suggestion from one of my awesome podcasting buddies.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #41

(Sorry I've missed a few days, been busy!)

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #41

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 7 (Part 3) - What are you? I’m Batman w/André Manseau (AITH DVD Pub Critic)

Welcome to Part 3 of Episode 7 with André Manseau! Part 3 is a bit of a geek out session that André and I had, on a subject which we both love and we really just wanted to discuss. That subject is of course Batman!

Highlights include:

  • Our opinions on Batman ‘89 and Batman: Returns, and how they related to our younger days.
  • Batman: Forever, we didn’t hate it!
  • All things related to Batman Begins, favourite scenes, Christian Bale and the rest of the cast.
  • Leading up to The Dark Knight, what we thought before it came out.
  • I admit just how much The Dark Knight changed my life.
  • Of course we discuss Heath Ledger and how much we loved Aaron Eckhart.
  • We venture off topic and talk about the films we’ve seen the most.
  • André ranks the Batman films.
  • I ponder which is the better film franchise, Batman or Superman.
  • Much much more!

This was a very personal podcast for us both, as Batman means a lot to us, in many different ways. I would love to hear peoples opinions on Batman, whether you loved or hated it. Did you prefer Burton’s, Schumacher’s or Nolan’s and why? So drop me a line at

Listen Now:

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Awful Film Poster Of The Week #3

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #3

Children of the Corn

Not only is this a terrible film, it has a terrible poster. Is this supposed to be scary? Are those black figures with the white eyes supposed holding pitch forks supposed to make me scared? Much like the film, this is a laughable product. I love the tag line "And a child shall lead then..." ummm okay... epic fail! They should have just used a picture of Isaac, now that dude is freaky!

Shameless Plug Podcasts

Check it, MGR Podcast which I co-hosted episode 1 with TMDenton!

Also check out Shootin' From The Hip, with Macca_Force_5!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 7 (Part 2) - The Radness w/André & Shaun

Episode 7 continues as André and I are joined by Shaun from Reefer Badness! Our discussion goes all over the place, and it shows where our minds always wonder! But we had a blast and if you have the balls to check it out!

Some highlights include:

  • *More talk about the film Inside.
  • *I tell the boys what film freaked me out and I wont watch it again, but they dont seem convinced!
  • *We talk about G.I. Joe and why we liked it.
  • *Watchmen comes up a few times and possible spoilers ahead.
  • *We keep bringing up Dr Manhattan
  • *I can’t shut up about boobs!
  • *The epic fail word association
  • *The longest signing off ever!
  • *And of course much more!

If you have the guts to make it all the way through, you get a gold star! It was a pleasure to have Shaun on the show and it was a nice surprise. Thanks boys!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #40

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #40

Back To The Future

Shameless Plug

Shaun will likely not visit my blog if I don't shamelessly plug the new episode of Reefer Badness!

Episode numero 7 is up and available for your .... pleasure .... hahaha!

The sorry film which gets ripped apart is Hell Comes To Frogtown


Thursday, August 13, 2009

District 9


I went and caught an afternoon session so I could have peace and quiet in the cinema, and there was maybe 15 other people there in total and I was the only lady there lol! I gotta say without annoying tweens and teens mucking around, the cinema experience was worth my $$$$.

Now don't go into this with high expectations, I have a feeling it is going to disappoint. This is not a main stream film, and it certainly wont appeal to the mass public. I calmed myself down and I went in with out any expectations. It did hook me in from the get go, it does have this gritty documentary feel, a lot of hand held camera work (and believe me for this film it was affective). This film looked like it had such a huge budget but they had $30million to work with and it looks amazing, the aliens indeed look very real. I am still in awe over the whole thing, big round of applause to the film makers.

The film does have its flaws, but for me there weren't many and I don't even feel like mentioning them because overall it did not ruin my experience of the film. The story can certainly be seen as having a very in your face social commentary, and its amazing how they made it work with aliens. You actually really feel for them, and the humans just seem like rotten bastards. There was no point in the film where I actually sided with the humans, I felt for the aliens and I really felt like I connected with the main alien Christopher.

Our main human, Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley) goes through a lot in this film and the way his character changes through out the film is simply just amazing. He is the main focus, and without someone as strong of an actor it certainly wouldn't have had the same impact. He did have his off moments, but the fact that I was just so drawn into the film I didn't notice it too much.

District 9 is one of the most unique films I have ever seen, and I can certainly understand the hype surrounding it, but some comments I've read I have to wonder if maybe the experience of being the first people to see it (At Comic Con) tainted their opinions. However it sure is a great film, consider me a fan of District 9!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Record Time is closing ...

Posting this to help my mate Mark out!

You or may not have heard that Record Time is closing our doors on September 7, 2009, in order to become a purely online record store. As such, we have quite a lot of stock to move, at some quite crazy prices!

This is a list of material that we at Record Time are looking to sell. Please note that most of these are single items, and so supply cannot be guaranteed. As soon as you place an order, we will work to confirm that we have a copy to put aside for you.

All prices are in NZ$ and include GST. Payment can be made by direct credit. Should you not be in a position to do this, let us know, and we will work out a different payment method.

Orders should be emailed to You can also ask us any questions about any of the stock here through the email.

As a way of saying thank you, if you buy 5 items at once, we will give you 10% discount across them, 10 items will get you 15%, and 15 items will get you a whopping 20%.

Shipping costs:
$3.00 - 1 CD NZ Post (bubblewrapped)
$4.50 - 2-6 CDs NZ Post (bubblewrapped)
$5.50 - up to 6 CDs Tracked Postage (bubblewrapped)
If you buy more than 6 CDs, we will ship free of charge! (within New Zealand).

Thank you for taking the time to look through this list - there are some great deals here for music lovers - and keep checking back, this list will continue to be updated with new and exciting stock.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #39

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #39

Down By Law

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 7 (Part 1) - Can’t Escape The Bad Films w/André Manseau (AITH DVD Pub Critic)

Hello everyone, and welcome to Part 1 of Episode 7 of the Super Podcast! Episode 7 is an epic event as I branch out and break new ground by having a guest not named Stephen/Steven! Not only that, but my guest is part of the Arrow In The Head crew, AITH DVD Pub Critic and all around awesome dude André Manseau! We had a very awesome podcast, which went so long it had to be split up! André and I in Part 1, delve into some all time favourite film titles which also leads to a lot of talk about bad films! No matter what, we can’t escape the bad films! This podcast has a lot of swearing in it, you have been warned!

Highlights include:

  • André reveals his all time favourite film, which a previous guest did not like so much.
  • I start the real grilling by asking him what the worst film he has seen is.
  • Twilight comes up again and the results are not pleasant!
  • André gives me more podcasting homework as he reveals some favourite horror titles.
  • We both have been scared by the same film only one of us got scared by the original and the other by the remake!
  • Van Damme gets a mention yet again!
  • We talk video game adaptations too.
  • And much, much more!

You will have to excuse the quality a little bit as my internet was epic fail when we recorded, and keep an eye out for Part 2 which is coming very soon! Enjoy the show and don’t forget to check out Arrow in the Head and the fantastic reviews André has done, as well as Reefer Badness which gets a shameless plug.

Remember you can drop me a line at

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #38

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #38

Empire Of The Sun

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday the 13th remake


Dude, it's a Friday the 13th remake (or re-imagining) ... what do you expect going into this? Seeing idiot characters getting slaughtered by Jason Voorhees? Yes, and did I get that? Yes I certainly did! The film started off kind of weird, giving a bit of a re-cap of the events of the first film and then it goes forward to find a group of young adults who go camping. Well you know the rest, Jason finds them (with a sack covering his face not the hockey mask like Pt 2), and then we fast forward to a month later where yet another group of young adults are going to stay at a cabin in the woods (Um a cabin in the woods, yes they are that dumb folks!) whilst they run into Clay (Jared Padalecki) who is searching for his missing sister (Who was one from the first group). With me so far? So the story basically goes on from there, of course Jason finds his hockey mask and the group and well you know the rest.

This film featured a lot of pot, and a lot of nudity, and some decent kills. The way it was shot was pretty good, some nice cinematography and some really nice sets (Jason has tunnels to move around in, smart move!), and the pacing of the film is actually really tight and it flows well after the first 15mins or so. Visually you can't really go wrong, they had money to make it look good. The script wasn't bad, it certainly had its flaws, but this film wasn't trying to really break new ground, almost felt too safe. The characters for the most part are not likable and it is all the more satisfying when they get killed by Jason. Clay was easily my favourite, as the hero of the story I guess you could say, he has a nice (and cute) screen presence.

Jason never came off as remotely scary for me, but he never really has. They kind of give the back story, and they introduce the mask which was a nice little touch as well. There was something in particular story wise which didn't sit right with me and I wont really go into that as it could be considered a spoiler, but it didn't seem very Jason-esque for me. I also could have used some more inventive kills and bit more gore, it felt a little too bit restrained for my liking, but hey what can I say, I'm a sick bitch! But not a bad effort, I liked the director's previous remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre as that was a solid effort.

Special mention must go out to Julianna Guill as Bree, now she was annoying as shit in this film, her character that is! But, wow, the pair she unveils in this is pretty amazing! Easily one of the best nude scenes I've seen for a long time!

This film is hard to recommend, as people are likely to hate it right away because its a remake or a genre film. But do not expect much and you should have a decent time.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #37

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #37

Cannibal Ferox

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #2

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #2

Shaft (2000)

Where do I begin with the utter awfulness of this poster? It honestly looks like a half arsed photoshop job, Samuel L. Jackson looks like a wax figure. The tag line 'Still the Man' just looks so out of place, maybe the films title should have been there instead? And then under the film title there is 'Any Questions?' written right below it. Any questions eh? Yeah what were you guys thinking with this poster??? It sure as hell didn't motivate me to see this film, in fact the poster really turned me off seeing it, but free tickets fell into my lap and I found out Christian Bale was in it (I was madly in love with him at the time). The film is alright, and it really did deserve a better poster, this one, is a big FAIL!

Oh btw the only reason I consider the film alright, is Bale!

Super Podcast Ep 6 - Exploit those Basterd Enemies (w/guest Stephen)

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Super Podcast, and as I love having guests with the same name, I am joined by my Episode 4 colleague Stephen Lambrechts. Folks this is a no holds barred film discussion, we review and discuss countless things, no holding back! Some highlights include:

  • We review Public Enemies and the results are not good. (Possible spoilers)
  • I talk about having done my Episode 4 homework and tracked down the F13th remake!
  • We discuss what else I rented from Blockbuster and how one rental featured The Arrow.
  • Stephen previews Inglorious Basterds, having attended the Sydney premiere with Quentin Tarantino present.
  • We discuss Not Quite Hollywood and “Ozploitation” films featured in the movie, guess how many Stephen owns?
  • We delve into the Exploitation genre, and reveal some of our favourite titles.
  • Stephen and I profess our love for Loren Avedon and how we are friends with him on Facebook!
  • I give Twilight fans reason to hate me, whilst Stephen does the same for Batman fanboys.
  • And of course there is much, much more!

Due to the length of the podcast, it is split up into two parts. Keep in mind, Stephen and I do not hold back on what we think, we swear, and swear a lot! Hope you enjoy this latest installment and I am working on getting a Guest on that is not called Steven or Stephen! Bahaha

Remember you can drop me a line at

Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!


The moment I heard about this doco, I wanted to see it. And now I finally have, plain and simple, I loved it! As the title suggests this is about "Ozploitation" the films of the 70's and early 80's that came from this great country of mine in the form of Exploitation. I mean 20 minutes into this doco, you get boobs, bush and cock! So that should give you at least some idea of what "Ozploitation" is about.

The film offers opinions from the people who made and starred in these films, even some critics and one very big "Ozploitation" fan (Quentin Tarantino). The film goes through the different types of exploitation films that came out of the era, and it basically shows all sides of them. The good, the bad and the ugly, it is all laid out for us to see.

I really want to track down a bunch of these films, I have seen some too, I just can't remember them that well. I honestly had no idea Australia had produced quite a large amount of these types of films, and this doco really brings out some hidden gems that would have probably gone under my radar.

It is really great to see all sorts of people involved speak candidly about these films, about their experiences and even how these films got made and on set accidents that occurred. I came away from this a lot more appreciative of Australian cinema and these forgotten films. I do enjoy exploitation films, I like them for what they are and I would now like to support Australian's own exploitation films. They do have a quality all of their own, and their own uniqueness. It is fantastic that a doco like this has opened my eyes to these films and obviously the eyes of many. So that these films will be seen once again and appreciated. (Since this doco came out, a lot of the films mentioned have been re-released on DVD) Certainly this film is a must see for genre fans, and fans of Australian cinema.

Next few days ...

I am hoping to get through these titles over the next few days:

Not Quite Hollywood, 100 Feet, F13th remake, Halloween (07), The Order (JCVD), Ong Bak, Prince of Darkness and Behind the Mask

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #36

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #36

Reservoir Dogs

Thursday, August 6, 2009

you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake

Insomnia, it is really haunting me this week, like insanely! I can't sleep, can't get to sleep, and feel zombie like. I really do feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club, and I am sure Tyler Durden is just around the corner with Project Mayhem.

I can't really put my finger on what causes it, maybe its my awful bed?? Maybe I'm cursed?? Maybe I am slowly turning into a vampire??

When the weekend rolls by, it might go away? I really just have no idea, and I guess I am going to spend the rest of the week looking like an awesome zombie.

I drink CM Punk

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #34

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #34

The Exorcist

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #33

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #33


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Punking heel

Well as you all know (and if you don't, whats wrong with you?) I love me some wrestling, and I do love to rant about it from time to time.

I've thought Raw hasn't been that good lately, and sometimes I completely zoned out.
However week after week Smackdown has been fantastic, and I don't lose interest at all.

Perhaps this could be because Smackdown seems so fresh, fresh people on the Main Event scene, new feuds which seem to work, decent storylines ect... and since Extreme Rules PPV (Meh not much of a fan of that title) I've been pretty glued to the screen every time CM Punk has been on.

Since Extreme Rules, where he cashed in MITB at the end of the fantastic Jeff Hardy vs Edge ladder match, he's been on the heel path. Now what really set those wheels in motion was cashing it in on Jeff Hardy after he had won the Title and took it from him. With Jeff Hardy easily being the most over person in the WWE, that didn't exactly sit well with the general WWE Universe. Of course me being such a huge Punk fan (I love Jeff too) I was on my feet jumping up and down like crazy, Punk was once again Champion and I was praying for a meaningful Title run. I think for the most part, the Title run has been meaningful.

Slowly but surely week after week CM Punk was getting so much heat, everyone had turned on him straight away. His character hadn't changed what so ever, but the fact he was up against Jeff Hardy sold the heel turn. I was lapping it up, I loved seeing him get booed, and the promos he gave were unreal. I felt there was actually alot of truth in them and I think Hardy did well enough to stand up to them but Punk clearly out did him at every turn. Everything I thought worked really well, but for me I dunno I cheered even more for him. I've been waiting to see a heel CM Punk for a long time (Check out his heel ROH stuff on youtube) and it was everything I had hoped for.

From the "eye injury" to them being forced to team up, it was all great stuff. I was busy on Monday so I missed Night of Champions PPV, and when I got home I read that Hardy had the title again. I was pretty pissed off, I didn't want the Punk title reign to end just yet, but I guess it was a good way to further his heel persona and even add John Morrison into the mix. After Hardy and Morrison (I do believe I heard boo's lol) had a fantastic match, it seemed like Punk came out to say congrats ... yeah right! The full blown heel attack happened and I was grinning, BIG! I can't help but still the cheer the guy, even when he is beating the crap outta Jeff Hardy. It was a brutal one, but not as brutal as it could have been. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I love Punk the heel, and I hope it only gets better from here. Although I confess I love heels, and I always seem to cheer the bad guy (or girl).

In closing, it really sucks to be a face, when a face gets attacked either no one helps them or someone does but they get out numbered. Heels have more friends, heels are cool!

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #32

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #32

Assault On Precinct 13 (Original)

Picture Source: IMP Awards

Monday, August 3, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #31

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #31


Watchmen had a lot of posters but this was my personal favourite and I have it up on my wall.

Super Podcast Ep 5 “You don’t know sh*t” w/Steven (BBB) - Showgirls Edition

Episode 5 of the Super Podcast is here, and I am joined with Steven (BBB) who was my first guest in Episode 3. (This podcast has all sorts of colourful language and I recommend that people who are not old enough to see Showgirls, do not listen to the podcast.)

We discuss the film Showgirls, the cult classic which was dubbed the worst film of the 90’s and cleaned up at the Razzie awards.

*We talk about why we love this film

*We wonder how it actually got made

*We discuss the stars of the film, who we like best and who has the best body

*We give a run down of our favourite scenes and most memorable scenes


*And much much more!!!

It should be noted, Steven and I are huge fans of the film and this podcast is our way of dissecting the film and giving others our view on the movie. And if you want to try the Super Podcast drinking game, drink every time I say “like” but do it responsibly because you will be pretty smashed by the end. HAVE FUN!!

Remember you can drop me a line at

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #1

I have Awesome Film Poster Of The Day, which showcases a film poster which I personally think is awesome. Now for every awesome film poster there is an awful one, and every Sunday Night (that would be aussie time) I am going to showcase an awful poster

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #1

No Holds Barred

Now not only is this poster just awful, the film is awful too. When I watched it, I hated it, and I don't think it I could even enjoy it on the level of awfully good. I wanted to throw the VHS straight to hell and watch it burn. Hulk Hogan really proved he did not belong on film, and if you want to see someone really rip into him just search Iron Sheik on YouTube, you will find many videos of him telling everyone how much he dislikes Hogan.

Public Enemies


I was really eager to see this, the trailer was pretty cool, it was a film by Michael Mann starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, how could you go wrong?? Well pretty easily apparently, this film unfortunately suffers from many flaws, and ones that I believe could have easily been avoided.

The story of John Dillinger is actually a rather interesting one (Just look at the wiki page to start with and this film made it into a bit of a bore and it really didn't flesh out the character at all. There was so much potential there to tell an interesting story and give this man a face, give him motivation and help us understand him. But it really fails to do this, it starts off well into his life story with no any indication of who he is. It moves on from scene to scene, adds in the love interest, and there was hardly any chemistry between them and it wasn't awfully convincing either. That isn't to say Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard weren't good, they were fine, but the romance between them felt forced. Even more unconvincing with that was the love scene, they had all their clothes on. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it just added to their lack of chemistry.

The way this film was shot was really just all over the place, there were so many different styles through out the film. There were times the film looked like the t.v. show Cops, except if it were in the 1930's and it really did not work. It would have benefited from being shot steady and clear. There were some awfully grainy scenes and this changed over a lot and it really did not look professional. There are some good scenes, with good sound and action, Michael Mann knows how to use sound to his advantage and for me (especially a later shoot out) worked really well.

Going back to the story, a lot of the scenes were actually rather slow and drawn out and they just did not hold my attention what so ever. The characters were so poorly written and not fleshed out at all, you just didn't really care. Performances were fine, not the best by these actors but they were all fine given what they had to work with. Personally Christian Bale was alright, he looked good, but he can do better. Johnny Depp was a good choice, but again he needed for to work with. There were quite a few Aussie faces in this film, and a nice surprise by Jason Clarke (Showtime's Brotherhood) he certainly stood out amongst the supporting cast.

I wasn't completely bored by this film, but I expected a lot better. Some scenes worked and played out well. Like the scene where Dillinger walks into the police station and the cops too wrapped up into the sport game on the TV do not notice it is him.

I would say maybe worth a watch if you are a fan of Mann or the actors, but do not expect too much.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #29, #30

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #29


Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #30

Child's Play 2