Sunday, August 16, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 7 (Part 3) - What are you? I’m Batman w/André Manseau (AITH DVD Pub Critic)

Welcome to Part 3 of Episode 7 with André Manseau! Part 3 is a bit of a geek out session that André and I had, on a subject which we both love and we really just wanted to discuss. That subject is of course Batman!

Highlights include:

  • Our opinions on Batman ‘89 and Batman: Returns, and how they related to our younger days.
  • Batman: Forever, we didn’t hate it!
  • All things related to Batman Begins, favourite scenes, Christian Bale and the rest of the cast.
  • Leading up to The Dark Knight, what we thought before it came out.
  • I admit just how much The Dark Knight changed my life.
  • Of course we discuss Heath Ledger and how much we loved Aaron Eckhart.
  • We venture off topic and talk about the films we’ve seen the most.
  • André ranks the Batman films.
  • I ponder which is the better film franchise, Batman or Superman.
  • Much much more!

This was a very personal podcast for us both, as Batman means a lot to us, in many different ways. I would love to hear peoples opinions on Batman, whether you loved or hated it. Did you prefer Burton’s, Schumacher’s or Nolan’s and why? So drop me a line at

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