Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 8 - Top 5 Fav Films w/Steven (BBB)

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Super Podcast, I am joined with my Showgirls buddy Steven AKA Big Bada Boomba from Empire. We thought we would have a discussion on our top 5 favourite films. We both had a hard time getting a top 5 together but at the time of recording this is the list we came up with. These are films which are personal to us, favourites, which does not mean the best films ever made. No that list would probably be quite different.

Highlights include:

  • At number 5 Steven has picked one half of a film, I wasn’t able to actually pick 1 film so I have 2!
  • With number 4 we have 2 completely different films picked, I admit my choice is probably a bad film but we agree its fun.
  • Number 3 for Steven has vampires whilst mine has a missing ear.
  • Steven has another horror film for number 2 and my pick features lots of Misters.
  • For our number 1’s we both have chosen very personal films for very different reasons.

Hope you enjoy listening to Steven and I go through this list and who knows, maybe by the time you hear it we’ll have changed our choices. As always you can drop me a line at

Listen Now:

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Anomaly said...

This BBB is really awesome. He sounds really hot too. You should totally talk to him more. Love that guy!

Marceyness said...

Yes BBB is the best!