Sunday, August 9, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 6 - Exploit those Basterd Enemies (w/guest Stephen)

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Super Podcast, and as I love having guests with the same name, I am joined by my Episode 4 colleague Stephen Lambrechts. Folks this is a no holds barred film discussion, we review and discuss countless things, no holding back! Some highlights include:

  • We review Public Enemies and the results are not good. (Possible spoilers)
  • I talk about having done my Episode 4 homework and tracked down the F13th remake!
  • We discuss what else I rented from Blockbuster and how one rental featured The Arrow.
  • Stephen previews Inglorious Basterds, having attended the Sydney premiere with Quentin Tarantino present.
  • We discuss Not Quite Hollywood and “Ozploitation” films featured in the movie, guess how many Stephen owns?
  • We delve into the Exploitation genre, and reveal some of our favourite titles.
  • Stephen and I profess our love for Loren Avedon and how we are friends with him on Facebook!
  • I give Twilight fans reason to hate me, whilst Stephen does the same for Batman fanboys.
  • And of course there is much, much more!

Due to the length of the podcast, it is split up into two parts. Keep in mind, Stephen and I do not hold back on what we think, we swear, and swear a lot! Hope you enjoy this latest installment and I am working on getting a Guest on that is not called Steven or Stephen! Bahaha

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Part 1

Part 2

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