Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday the 13th remake


Dude, it's a Friday the 13th remake (or re-imagining) ... what do you expect going into this? Seeing idiot characters getting slaughtered by Jason Voorhees? Yes, and did I get that? Yes I certainly did! The film started off kind of weird, giving a bit of a re-cap of the events of the first film and then it goes forward to find a group of young adults who go camping. Well you know the rest, Jason finds them (with a sack covering his face not the hockey mask like Pt 2), and then we fast forward to a month later where yet another group of young adults are going to stay at a cabin in the woods (Um a cabin in the woods, yes they are that dumb folks!) whilst they run into Clay (Jared Padalecki) who is searching for his missing sister (Who was one from the first group). With me so far? So the story basically goes on from there, of course Jason finds his hockey mask and the group and well you know the rest.

This film featured a lot of pot, and a lot of nudity, and some decent kills. The way it was shot was pretty good, some nice cinematography and some really nice sets (Jason has tunnels to move around in, smart move!), and the pacing of the film is actually really tight and it flows well after the first 15mins or so. Visually you can't really go wrong, they had money to make it look good. The script wasn't bad, it certainly had its flaws, but this film wasn't trying to really break new ground, almost felt too safe. The characters for the most part are not likable and it is all the more satisfying when they get killed by Jason. Clay was easily my favourite, as the hero of the story I guess you could say, he has a nice (and cute) screen presence.

Jason never came off as remotely scary for me, but he never really has. They kind of give the back story, and they introduce the mask which was a nice little touch as well. There was something in particular story wise which didn't sit right with me and I wont really go into that as it could be considered a spoiler, but it didn't seem very Jason-esque for me. I also could have used some more inventive kills and bit more gore, it felt a little too bit restrained for my liking, but hey what can I say, I'm a sick bitch! But not a bad effort, I liked the director's previous remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre as that was a solid effort.

Special mention must go out to Julianna Guill as Bree, now she was annoying as shit in this film, her character that is! But, wow, the pair she unveils in this is pretty amazing! Easily one of the best nude scenes I've seen for a long time!

This film is hard to recommend, as people are likely to hate it right away because its a remake or a genre film. But do not expect much and you should have a decent time.

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