Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Mist


After a terrible storm a small town gets a mist all around them, and something about the mist just isn't right. That is the basic outline of The Mist, to tell you anymore is a crime. I think the best way to see this one is to know the least about it possible (Unless you've read the novella). I went into this not knowing much about it, just that it was a film by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption), based on material by Stephen King and starring Thomas Jane. As the film unfolded I found myself really drawn into what was happening, the strange mist appearing. They wind up at a grocery store, with a cast of characters both of whom you'll either be supporting or be really against (you have the likes of Marcia Gay Harden, William Sadler, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones and Laurie Holden to name a few). As you see what goes on with the actual mist, you wonder is that the really scary thing or is it how the people end up reacting in the grocery store. The acting in this is top notch, everyone turns in great performances, Thomas Jane was great, especially at the end (an ending which was both shocking and truly bleak), and Marcia Gay Harden was as crazy as ever. Toby Jones was great too, always a welcome addition. I'd actually have a hard time recommending this, you'll either think it was great or hate it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Yes thats right, the QUEEN is BACK!

Madonna has just released her latest album Hard Candy and I have to say....


I was unsure about it, with the direction she was headed with it, but DAYUM, Madge has pulled it off yet again! I pretty much love all the tracks on it (I listened to it three times straight!) and I think the ones which might possibly be early favourites are Miles Away and Dance 2Night.

I think Confessions is a better album, but this comes pretty damn close to that one. More listens will be required of course, and I might change my mind on some songs as I did with Confessions. But I am SOOOOOOO happy she has delivered! BIATCH IS BACK IN BUSINESS! I'm hoping the album sells well, because it is WORTH IT!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Smart People


Smart people, intellectual people, but not really happy people. That is exactly how to describe this film and its characters. We have the grumpy Professor (Dennis Quaid), the over achieveing daughter (Ellen Page), the poet son (Ashton Holmes), the adopted brother (Thomas Haden Church) and the Doctor (Sarah Jessica Parker). They each have their issues, and their complicated relationships with each other. Its actually all quite interesting, even if the characters don't all come off as very likable at first. Professor Lawrence is just a grump, and you wonder what Janet actually sees in him, although as things progress it doesn't seem so bad. The problem I found was her character was underwritten, and his character could have been a little better, but the performances by Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker made up for it, they were both quite good. The character was quite well suited for Quaid, something a little different for him. The real stand out for me was Thomas Haden Chruch as the loser adopted brother, a role suited for him and really put on a great performance. Ellen Page was also really good, bringing out more then was written for her character. Again it was very well suited for her, and a lesser actress would not have done as well. Ashton Holmes did what he could with his character, there was not much there but he pulled it off. It could have been slightly better, a few little improvements in the script, but a great cast more then made up for that. I enjoyed it overall, and I'd recommend it for people who enjoy their comedy dramas, and of course if you like any of the cast.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I felt like making jewelery again, my Mum makes it and she's starting it up again. I felt like making a bracelet and a necklace, I bought the beads and accessories and went to work.

Click to enlarge

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I loved the colour of the beads for the bracelet, and I love butterflies hehe. I'll probably end up making some more stuff, I have a few ideas.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bruna talks Smart People

How cool is this? My sis on YouTube talking about her new movie Smart People which comes out in Australia on Thursday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


So my lovely friend Mary gave me a massage yesterday, a much needed one! Although I am really sore, it did a world of good. I think its something we're going to try and do at least once a week and try and get my back/neck/shoulder back in order. What she did yesterday is called an Indian Head Massage, haven't had that done before. Hopefully this will give me the relief I need and I can finally say good bye to migraines and bad backs and all. I mean it wont be fixed over night, it will take a lot of time, but hey this is step 1!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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A good fun way to pass a couple of hours, with a very cool cast. Jason Segal (Who also wrote this) stars as Peter, who gets dumped by his TV actress girlfriend Sarah (Kristen Bell), and struggles with it all naturally. Sarah is seeing a rockstar, and Peter just wants to get over it. So he decides to go to Hawaii where of course Sarah is with the new boyfriend. Of course comedy follows, and its all pretty good and highly entertaining. You know exactly where it is headed, but getting there is where all the fun is. So Peter meets Rachel (Mila Kunis) who works at the hotel they are all staying at, and the usual of course happens, including a rather amusing dinner with Sarah and rockstar boyfriend. Everyone does a great job, especially Jason Segal, he wrote the film and he knows the type of character he is good at. Mila Kunis was perfect as Rachel, she is adorable. Kristen Bell was pretty good too, although the character isn't in it as much as you might expect. Russell Brand is pretty hilarious as the rockstar Aldous, another great casting choice. Look out for Paul Rudd who is so funny while he's on screen and Jonah Hill's character is just creepy. A funny and cute side storyline involving two newly weds is also pretty good and gives some laughs. I'd recommend this for fans of the cast, you'll likely enjoy it. Just remember, you will get to see Jason Segals manhood quite a few times, what a show off!!

Friday, April 18, 2008



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ramble Ramble

So I have to go to the doctors today to redo the pap smear I had back in December. Hopefully they get clear results this time and I am sure everything will be fine.

I keep waking up so early and falling asleep early, it is getting rather annoying lol. Daylight savings really messed up the body clock and it still hasn't quite adjusted yet.

My back is a complete mess, hopefully next week I can manage to organise a massage or something for it. I fear by Saturday I wont be able to move!

Finally paid all the bills, should have at least 2 weeks without any bills *fingers crossed* although next week there is rent but thats fortnightly, nothing that can be done about that lol

Like I said been waking up early, so I decided to wash my bed sheets, they shouldn't take long to dry, but how I loathe making the bed lol

Got a short day at work today, we'll see how we go. The presser I use hasn't worked since Monday, and my boss just txt me to say the guy to fix it hasn't come in yet for me to start work later. Although I can't stay later as I have the pap smear. And the thing is, I had to make that appointment 2 weeks ago, and I barely got that appointment!

Ah well, we'll see what happens shall we?

I got so many shows to catch up on, I watched more Black Books yesterday as I woke up before 5am! I still need to finish the last two House and Sarah Connor episodes, not like me to fall behind. I also watch to start watching Gossip Girl, Reaper and Pushing Daisies and also rewatch The Office (UK) and then the massive amounts of movies I have to watch! And then I have 3 books I'm reading (Cinema Now, Showcase Presents Supergirl and From Hell), not mention I have a couple of CD's I need to check out! Haha lets see how that all works out!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Higher Learning


I just love this movie, being one I used to watch early in my teens, it stuck with me since then and it was great to revisit. Pretty much the stand out is Michael Rapaport, as the young man who doesn't quit seem to fit in, or get along with anyone until the Aryans take him in. The stories that involve Omar Epps and Kristy Swanson are also good, and they both put in strong performances. Look out for Tyra Banks, who is actually pretty decent in this. I think the movie is known for the lesbian scene with Jennifer Connelly and Kristy Swanson lol and their characters actually have a really sweet relationship. All the themes for me rolled together pretty well, and are pretty important. Still quite relevant today as it was back in 1995.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old pics

I scanned some old photos which can be found at Facebook, here are a few to share on here.

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To Venus And Back

Love this album, finally got it again!


suede you always felt like suede
there are days i feel your twin
peekaboo hiding underneath your skin
jets are revving yes revving
and this has power over me not because
you feel something
or don't feel something for me
but because mass so big
it can swallow swallow her whole star intact
call me 'evil' call me
'tide is on your side' anything that you want
anybody knows you can conjure anything
by the dark side of the moon boy and if
you keep your silence silencer on
you'll talk yourself right into a job
out of a hole into my bayou
i'm sure that you've been briefed my
absorption lines they are frayed and i fear
my fear is greater than my faith
but i walk the missionary way
you always felt like suede
there are days i am your twin
peekaboo hiding underneath your skin
jets are revving yes revving from
an ether twist
call me 'evil' little sister i guess
i'd do the same little sister
you'll forgive me one day

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lars And The Real Girl


So you go into a movie knowing that its about a guy and his relationship with a doll. But what you don't expect is how good it ends up being, thanks mostly to Ryan Gosling's fantastic performance as Lars. Everyone else is great in it too, the family, friends and doctor who all end up supporting Lars and his "girlfriend" as he comes to terms with everything. This isn't something I'd be able to watch over and over but it is a good watch, and a highly enjoyable film. Something a bit different and quirky is always good.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Bah so I actually managed to stay up past 10.30 last night but kept waking up all night, had a really weird dream and then woke up at 4.30am again and then again at 6am lol and I slept badly on my neck grr. I really need a proper massage or chiropractor, but with my work hours being the way they are, makes it difficult to make appointments. I barely managed to get an appointment to redo my pap smear, not only was my doctor only available at times when I was working but she's really busy. Its nothing serious, they didn't get clear results when I went back in December, so they had to wait 3 months to do it again. I would have gone sooner but as you know I've had a pretty bad time of it lately. But yes things are getting back to normal YAY, we got Foxtel set up yesterday. So with my bad back, I'll have something to do lmao. I can't be on the PC all that much as it just makes my back worse if I'm here longer then 10mins at a time. So sorry if you don't see much of me! Always can check if I am on MSN via the mobile or on Facebook hehe. Least its Friday, although still got work today and also tomorrow but then a day and a half off work which is nice. I hope I get a chance to listen to the music that Tim and Steven sent me, I also need to do some web page work (If my bad back allows it), I was supposed to have started that weeks ago but due to the events of a few weeks ago I haven't been able to.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New piccys

Yep, new pictures, taken yesterday!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Latest going ons

Well you probably haven't seen much of me online, been quite busy. Work has been busy, working 6 days a week again starting this week as I asked for Saturday off so I could get some stuff done. Been busy with the house and just making sure me and Mum have everything, trying to get back into a normal routine, and eating healthy again. It will take some time, but things will settle down soon, we have a house inspection on Thursday and just waiting to hear back about a few things. As we signed the papers for the change of tenant on the lease. And I am sure we'll get a lease renewal notice soon as well. Other things are going on too, nothing major. The house looks great, it actually feels like a home, with nice things, hehe mostly from IKEA but meh its nice! Me and Mum did go on a DVD binge, naughty naughty I know but we needed a treat with everything we'd been going through. We did watch Footloose which was quite fun. I must be off to work soonish, got a lot to be done when I finish work too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am sure there are those who are wondering why I have not posted or been online.

Easter Saturday my Nonno (grandfather) had a sudden and massive stroke. Easter Sunday we were told there was nothing they were able to do for him and he only had a few days to live.

He passed away with family on Wednesday night, and he is with my Nonna now.

His viewing and Rosary were held on Sunday night, it was a very difficult time for us all.

His funeral was held on Monday afternoon and the service was really nice, it was a very difficult time but also it was a good way to say good bye, the priest held a very nice and respectful mass for him.

Everything happened so fast it almost still does not feel real, and I keep thinking I'll see him again.

Through all this, there have been other dramas going on, I've had a very difficult time with things. I am holding on, and I just hope things can get back to normal now.