Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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A good fun way to pass a couple of hours, with a very cool cast. Jason Segal (Who also wrote this) stars as Peter, who gets dumped by his TV actress girlfriend Sarah (Kristen Bell), and struggles with it all naturally. Sarah is seeing a rockstar, and Peter just wants to get over it. So he decides to go to Hawaii where of course Sarah is with the new boyfriend. Of course comedy follows, and its all pretty good and highly entertaining. You know exactly where it is headed, but getting there is where all the fun is. So Peter meets Rachel (Mila Kunis) who works at the hotel they are all staying at, and the usual of course happens, including a rather amusing dinner with Sarah and rockstar boyfriend. Everyone does a great job, especially Jason Segal, he wrote the film and he knows the type of character he is good at. Mila Kunis was perfect as Rachel, she is adorable. Kristen Bell was pretty good too, although the character isn't in it as much as you might expect. Russell Brand is pretty hilarious as the rockstar Aldous, another great casting choice. Look out for Paul Rudd who is so funny while he's on screen and Jonah Hill's character is just creepy. A funny and cute side storyline involving two newly weds is also pretty good and gives some laughs. I'd recommend this for fans of the cast, you'll likely enjoy it. Just remember, you will get to see Jason Segals manhood quite a few times, what a show off!!

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