Saturday, October 31, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #94

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #94

The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus

Friday, October 30, 2009



Ever since I had first seen the trailer I really wanted to see this film, I love Clint Eastwood films and the story seemed something which was right up my alley. So what took me so long to get around to seeing this? I honestly have no idea, I have had it all year to watch and I finally just decided to sit down and watch it.

I really wish I had done that as soon as I got this film, to sum it up I really loved it. I know people didn't care for this film and others did, that is the thing with films. Not everyone is going to share the same opinion, but I was really engrossed by this and I found it overall just fantastic.

The film is based on true events (as like a film it isn't entirely accurate but the changes they made worked as a film overall) of Christine Collins whose son Walter goes missing one day. After months of searching he is apparently found but Christine is convinced the child brought back is not her son. The police call her insane and commit her to an asylum as horrific events start to unfold about murders. The murders in real life are known as the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders.

It all sounds a little crazy right? But the fact is that did actually happen, you can read up about the real case, and you will be pretty stunned. I hadn't really heard much about it, I am a true crime nut but this case hadn't come up in any books I've been reading lately. As I mentioned things were changed for the film but the fact remains that Walter did go missing, a boy was returned to Christine and she was committed to the hospital, and the police were exposed for what they did and how they treated her.

So what did I love about this? The way the film was told, I thought it flowed so well, it moved at a good pace, there was nice character development. I like films that don't rush and they take time to tell the story, now not every film can do this right but Clint Eastwood knows a thing or two about pacing and he does it so damn well. He really hit the nail on the head when he cast Angelina Jolie, she looked the part, and she played the part to perfection. I could easily say this is one of her best performances if not her best one. She really is perfect here, for me she was flawless. She really does outshine everyone else and holds her own, she is worth seeing the film. Jeffrey Donovan is good as Captain J.J. Jones, he hit most of the right notes and I did like him in the role. He really made you want to just slap him something stupid, which is the reaction you're supposed to have for the character. I was really engrossed by Michael Kelly as Detective Lester Ybarra, he is such a great actor and he really delivered the goods. He played all the right notes and he was just a real joy to watch. Of course we have John Malkovich as Rev. Gustav Briegleb and this was a role he could do in his sleep. He's always great to see and he makes it worth it, he brings his A game.

This film wouldn't have worked so well without the fantastic performances, everyone as I said delivered. Clint did an excellent job with his cast, and his directing his top notch. He brings out the best with his performers and the locations and shots are all just so fantastic and you really get a feel for the time it was set. It is all shot so beautifully and with a tone of sadness which fits the story of the film.

The only negative I had was with the script, some of the dialogue of Christine's was really repetitive and it got annoying towards the end. I am sure they could have scripted it a bit differently but alas in the end this is what we got and I really tried not to have it bring the film down.

Recommended for Angelina fans, you can't go passed this one that is for sure. Naturally if you love Clint behind the camera you need to check this out, and of course if you love true crime and films based on true events this would be for you as well.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #93

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #93

Dead Alive aka Braindead

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another year older

As my mum put it, I am now a quarter of a century old! Yep 25 years young today, hard to believe as time flies. My 2nd birthday being celebrated in Melbourne, and as I blogged earlier time has flown by.

I haven't had a very good Birthday, I'm so insanely sick with the flu, which has ruined my entire week basically. No I don't have swine flu, why does everyone keep asking?? But I've been cheered up with all the birthday wishes from friends and family, so a big thank you to everyone I really appreciate it and it did brighten my day!

Not much to report, I had to see the doctor yet again, they are keeping an eye on me. My health issues have basically blown up like crazy this past month and hopefully by next week it will be settled down and I can get back to basics.

Well here is to another year and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee give me good health lol

Marcey through the years

My 2nd birthday

This was my 3rd birthday

I believe this was 6th

My 17th birthday

Fastforward to my 21st

My 23rd birthday, where Mum had the flu :p

My 24th birthday and my first one in Melb

No photos from today as I look like a damn zombie!

The Fourth Kind trailer

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been a nut case for all things paranormal and the unknown. And right up there is my fascination with outer space and the possibility of aliens. I used to read every piece of information I could, my friends and I used to nerd out at the library and we had our very own UFO club. Sad I know hehe but we loved it, we used to watch every single show we could, and me being me was unable to watch those docos at night as it would scare the crap outta me! I remember I was watching a UFO show at night and I got so freaked out I had to turn it off and call my Dad to come home because I couldn't be alone in the house! Okay, so maybe I have revealed a bit tooo much, and I am not that scared any more. But that brings me to this fantastic looking little film!

The Fourth Kind, now I know nothing about this, whether it is based on true events or not I have no idea. But it stars the beautiful and talented Milla Jovovich and its about alien contact and abduction. The trailer gives off this mad creepy vibe, and I am so digging it! The only thing I've heard about this films come from Jenna Busch who posted about it on Twitter and she's mentioned it on her blog, and I suggest you check it out! She didn't say anything bad about it, and in fact her comments got me excited! I have no idea when an Australian release is coming but the US gets it 6th of November.

Check out the trailer below!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bah I tried to make a few gifs

I used to always make gif avatars, mainly for Heroes and Smallville and a few from Lost and Entourage. But I gave up due to not having a PC and this laptop really stinks for anything graphic related. But since I am so completely out of it with this flu I messed around and I managed to come up with a few Eric gifs. You know Eric from True Blood, Alexander Skarsgard, really hot sexy guy?

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #92

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #92

Jacob's Ladder

This comes as a suggestion from my mate GodOfWar from MovieGifsOnline

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stargate: Universe

I am a huge Stargate fan, now when I say Stargate I mean the 1994 film by Roland Emmerich starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. I know that film so well, and it is one of my all time favourites. When they announced a TV series, I was excited, I wanted that story to continue. When it premiered I did watch it through most of Season 1, but Channel 7 is not a channel I watch much on TV and I had zoned out. Over time I watched bits and pieces of SG1, and I do plan to sit and watch all 10 seasons eventually.

They did a spin off Stargate: Atlantis and it didn't last as long and from what I saw it was an alright show. Not sure if I will go ahead and watch it yet, I guess I will wait and see.

I saw promos for the new Stargate show Universe and it automatically caught my attention. It seemed a lot darker, and a little more stand alone. I guess as people have said it almost had a Battlestar Galactica feel to it (Another show I need to watch from start to finish, thanks to stupid Channel 10 not showing the show right), and it seemed like it was up my alley.

Having watched the 90min pilot and the next episode, I got to say I am hooked! You don't need to be a full Stargate follower to understand whats going on. Basic knowledge is fine, this show does suit noobs and it works quite well. I am actually really digging the cast of characters as they are slowly getting introduced to us. Personal favourite is definitely Eli played by David Blue, he is a fish out of water and it works. Robert Carlyle who seems like the strangest choice for the show is also fantastic, his role is not an easy one but he makes it work. They are the definite stand outs so far, and I am sure we'll see more of them.

Storyline wise, I guess its almost like the Stargate equivalent of Star Trek Voyager, lost in the universe. Going for something totally different, whilst still being in the Stargate 'world'. Easiest way to give you a run down is to grab the synopsis from the official website: SGU follows a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians, who must fend for themselves as they are forced through a Stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship, which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth. Faced with meeting the most basic needs of food, water and air, the group must unlock the secrets of the ship's Stargate to survive. The danger, adventure and hope they find on board the Destiny will reveal the heroes and villains among them.

I can't wait to watch the next few episodes and see where the show is going, so far it is hard to tell but I am really liking it. Sci-fi fans should check this out, I mean its gotta be impressive that I've decided to blog about it eh?

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #91

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #91

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Transformers 2: How It Should Have Ended

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What?!?! I've been here a year already?

October 21st marked the one year anniversary since I moved my ass from Adelaide to Melbourne. It was a huge decision, I wanted to start over fresh and get ahead with life. I honestly was just sick of life in Adelaide and I really wanted a change. I had a really BS of a year, so much stuff happened and it really had taken its toll on me. I missed my sister too, and I wanted to be close to her again especially in the event of her starting a family (Speaking of which she's due in Feb for baby number 1 YAY!). Lastly at the time my new boyfriend was moving to Melbourne for a new job, so everything just seemed to kind of fit, and it was the right time to make the move.

So a year later, whoa has much changed? Yeah it certainly has! Sure things have been tough, things didn't go the way I wanted them to, but life always throws you obstacles and you have to over come them. I mean I didn't get a job right away, but things were really tough at the time, and when I did get one it didn't work out and I am glad I am not there anymore. Since then I have found another job, and I must say working where I am now has made me a much stronger person mentally.

One of my goals when coming here was to start learning to drive, and for the past few months I have been having lessons almost every week and I am getting better and better with each one. It sure is a confidence builder! I am enjoying it too, I really like driving, if only the drivers were better on the road. I am a learner and my driving was better then 40% of the people out there, now that's saying something!

Sheesh since moving I had never been to a Convention, and now I have been to three and what great times they have all been. I met my idol Christy Hemme, which was one of the best days at last years Armageddon, she was the nicest person and its been fantastic to have kept in good contact with her and its been an honor to help run her RHS fan forum and having such awesome friends there.

Another really great highlight, was organising some meet ups with people from Empire Magazine forum, I mean what better company is there then other film geeks ehehe? Sure the film picks we saw haven't been the best (Basterds owned) but the company has been great and made some really good friends. If you guys read this, you guys rock!

I've had my fair share of health issues this year, and it seems that this city actually knows how to uncover problems and give treatment. Whilst so much is still happening, at least something is getting done and hopefully soon my problems will be behind me.

Of course I've had a great time with my sister and her wedding was just fantastic, the most beautiful day, beautiful wedding, it was all fantastic. Unfortunately that day happened to be the day of the bushfires and being that we were so far out we didn't find out until the next day. But that aside, it was a fantastic day! I can't believe it was all the way back in February now, how time flies.

Lastly, theres been my hmm 14-15 months with my partner in crime Dan. We've had our ups and downs, but so does every couple. He's the most special person to me, and I owe him a lot. I don't think I'd have gotten through this past year without him. His help and support is priceless, and I hope he knows what a top guy he is, hugs and kisses Dan!

Well that was my little rant, so lets bring on year number 2 in this fine city!

And well Thursday is another landmark, my birthday I turn the big 2-5! Then in another 5 years, I will celebrating my 30th, I bet those 5 years will fly!

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #12

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #12

3 Ninjas High Noon At Mega Mountain

Does this really need an explanation? Well not really, you can see how terrible this poster is, Hulk Hogan ripping through the amusement park floating above the title with three little shits who are apparently Ninjas ... it screams awful! The film itself is probably worse then this turd of a poster, how does rubbish like this get made? Urgh, everything about it is really such an insult. This film is so bad it is bad and this poster makes me want to puke.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #90

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #90

Ed Wood

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #89

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #89

The Lost Boys

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Wolfman Trailer!

Earlier this year we were treated to the first trailer to The Wolfman, and now they have released a second trailer.

I am certainly excited for this film, I think both trailers are fantastic and this new one has me ultra excited.

The film has a bit of history behind it, it got a new director, reshoots and then delays, hopefully none of that will give us a bad film but by the trailer this looks like a good time.

Directed by Joe Johnston (Jumanji) and starring Benicio Del Toro (Sin City), Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs), Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix).

Synopsis from AppleTrailers: Inspired by the classic Universal film that launched a legacy of horror, The Wolfman brings the myth of a cursed man back to its iconic origins. Oscar® winner Benicio Del Toro stars as Lawrence Talbot, a haunted nobleman lured back to his family estate after his brother vanishes. Reunited with his estranged father (Oscar® winner Anthony Hopkins), Talbot sets out to find his brother…and discovers a horrifying destiny for himself. Lawrence Talbot’s childhood ended the night his mother died. After he left the sleepy Victorian hamlet of Blackmoor, he spent decades recovering and trying to forget. But when his brother’s fiancĂ©e, Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt), tracks him down to help find her missing love, Talbot returns home to join the search. He learns that something with brute strength and insatiable bloodlust has been killing the villagers, and that a suspicious Scotland Yard inspector named Aberline (Hugo Weaving) has come to investigate. As he pieces together the gory puzzle, he hears of an ancient curse that turns the afflicted into werewolves when the moon is full. Now, if he has any chance at ending the slaughter and protecting the woman he has grown to love, Talbot must destroy the vicious creature in the woods surrounding Blackmoor. But as he hunts for the nightmarish beast, a simple man with a tortured past will uncover a primal side to himself…one he never imagined existed.

Click the picture below to check out the trailer!

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Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #88

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #88

Invaders From Mars

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #87

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #87

The Cat People

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Melbourne Armageddon Expo Robot Chicken Panel 17th Oct 2009 Part 1, 2 & 3

Melbourne Armageddon Expo Robot Chicken Panel 17th Oct 2009 Part 1, 2 & 3
This is what I managed to film of their first panel.

Shameless Promotions!

I thought I would give a shout out to some Blogs and websites I frequent and show them some good loving! Forgive me if I have left anyone off, just drop me a line and I will add you!

So please check them out and give them some love too :)

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Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #86

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #86

Friday The 13th

Monday, October 19, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 13- Horror Films, Top 5, Oh My! w/Pat Torfe (AITH DVD Pub Critic)

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Super Podcast, this weeks episode I am joined with yet another guest! I have another member of the Arrow in the Head crew join me, DVD Pub Critic and all around awesome guy Pat Torfe joins the show. First off I have to say it was a real pleasure to have Pat come on the show and talk what we love, horror. I would highly recommend checking out his reviews! Being we’re in October and Halloween is fast approaching, we talk horror, naturally!

Highlights include:

  • *Introductions and a short run down of the AITH DVD Pub kick off the show.
  • *Pat talks about the film The Children and some titles he has seen recently.
  • *We talk about Anti-Christ and Lars Von Trier, as well as some foreign titles and how different they are from the stock standard.
  • *I talk about the films I have revisited as well what vampires I think are awesome.
  • *Top 5’s are still alive and well, we do our Top 5 Franchise Kills/Deaths. I tackle the Elm Street series and Pat tackles Friday the 13th series.
  • *Our Top 5’s are our personal favourites, I am sure everyone would have different picks, it was a tough decision for me to narrow them down!
  • *We get into a heavy discussion about DVD’s, the differences between regions, extra features, covers, ect …
  • *Much, Much More!

Again it was great to chat to Pat, thank you so much for taking the time to join me. You can contact Pat through this twitter @pattorfe and as always you can always give me your Top 5, feedback and suggestions via my email or in the comments.

Listen Now:

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Armageddon Wrap-Up Part 2, Sunday

So the awesomeness that was Sunday! With my cousin in tow, we got the Hall for Day 2! Well since I wanted to meet Dante really badly, and I had missed out on Saturday I went straight to the animation guests area and I got in line right near the front. I think I waited a good 40mins as the guests weren't arriving till 10am. Sunday morning was a lot quieter then Saturday and it was a bit of a relief I got to say.

As I was only there to meet Dante, I got to go first hehe. He's actually quite gorgeous in person, I introduced myself to him and he did the same. I asked him to sign my Hook DVD and I told him how much I loved him in the film and when I was younger I had a huge crush on him haha he was very flattered, I think he said he might blush haha! Olivia Hack who was another animation guest was so sweet too, she was like going awwwww and giving me compliments on my tshirt as I was chatting to Dante. I told him I had seen Blood and Bone recently and how much I loved the film, and I loved his character Pinball and I thought he nailed it. He told me loved filming the movie and he really loved that character. He seemed really happy to talk about it, all around it was a great experience. Before I left he asked if I wanted a signed Avatar picture (one item per person, I think he liked me haha) and I said I would love one, so I got two autos from him.

After that I went to the Robot Chicken Panel and I filmed most of it but where I was sitting people kept getting in the way which was annoying. As soon as the Panel was over, I had to run over to the signing area to get a place in line to meet the guys. Good thing Dan was hanging around the area and we got in just after the Gold/Silver pass people which was really good. The line to meet the guys was insane, I mean they were only there to sign for free for two hours. We waited a good 90mins in line, I think they started late too. But the guys wanted to talk to the fans and it makes sense why the line was moving slowly. By the time we got there, I think I was really excited, I introduced myself to them and told them how much I dug the show, as you do. They all signed to Marcey on the card which was neat, of course I got to Seth and I was OMG could we quickly snap a photo and he's like yeah sure, grabs the camera and he took our photo hehe. I got to talk to him for a bit and I told him how much I loved the film Airborn, and he was like Oh yeah that was a fun film and Matthew was like yeah that was good and we all had a laugh. I think Seth was surprised someone had seen that movie. Dan got to meet him and he talked Italian Job and Seth signed as Napster and I added in the Entourage 'Tell Sloan I said what up' I think they giggled, but damn I had to say it! It was well worth the wait, and they were all top guys.

After that it was late lunch with my cousin and catch up time. Chilled out with some people and talked about the highs of the Expo. We saw Cameron Bright walking around and having fun, a lot of people didn't recognise him. After a while my cousin asked Cameron if I could get a photo of him, he said he wasn't able to pose with me because of how they set things up but I told I just would like a photo of him because I know people who would be madly jealous, which I think he thought was very funny. He posed and I got a great photo and he was a very lovely guy, certain teen stars should take a page out of his book.

I got to talk to Gigi Edgley briefly too, Chianna from Farscape, she was really nice and she looks amazing. Her FHM shoot is worth a look and I told her she looked great on the cover, she was telling me a few stories about it, really nice! I saw Noah Gray Cabey who played Micha on Heroes, I didn't meet him but he seemed to be having a good time. He has grown up in the past few years!

End of the day things were winding down, we caught up with the comic people again for a few hours and had some fun. I got my photo taken with Tom and Colin, with all the autographs I got from them I thought a photo was appropriate haha! Again it was great to catch up with them again, and we had such a good time. Got to speak to Stewart again too, so nice! I know I am probably forgetting all sorts of things, but that was the basics of the con, great time all round! I didn't meet any nasty people, everyone was so nice and they seemed so happy to be there and meet fans which really just makes the day!

Armageddon Wrap-Up Part 1, Saturday

The Armageddon Expo was this past weekend 17th and 18th of October, one of the little conventions we get here in Australia. Last years Armageddon was my first ever convention and I had a fantastic time, they had a great line-up with guests and I met people like Jim Lee, Ernie Hudson and Christy Hemme. But alas, that was last year, here is a brief wrap-up of my experience at this years.

Unlike last year, we went on both days, and I am so glad we did because both days so much happened. After the crazy and unorganised mess that was getting in, it was straight to see the comic artists/writers. I believe we saw Tom Taylor, Colin Wilson and Stewart McKenny first up. Always nice to have people remember you, Tom remembered the Marcey and remembered I gave The Example a 5 star review on Amazon, haha I did as he asked at Supanova! Always good to see Tom and Colin and have a chit chat to them, got a Star Wars Invasion poster and comic (signed) and I got my first sketch ever from Colin, I asked for something a bit different and he drew the main character from The Example. Excellent sketch, I am so glad I got it, Colin is unreal! It was really nice to meet Stewart McKenny, and Dan got to have some good talks with him. I ended up buying a nice Wonder Woman print from Stewart, it was hard to pick just one print because his stuff is so great but ah lack of funds meant only one print.

So after that I had a wonder around, and I stood in line for Dan at the other comic area, as he wanted to get a sketch from Nicola Scott who we both spent a lot of time with at Supanova, and again once I got to see her she remembered me. I think Dan was worried all weekend she would be too busy to sketch Batman for him, but hey Sunday afternoon came and he had the sketch. We also met Bill Sienkiewicz, Matthew Clark and Greg Rucka. Dan ended up getting a really fantastic piece of original art from Matthew of Supergirl, colour me jealous! All very nice people, and its great to get the chance to meet them and talk with them and get advice.

I think by this time, I found out there was a Robot Chicken Panel with Seth Green, Matthew Senreich & Tom Root. I grabbed my camera out and I filmed as much as I could, and at this stage I only have a 5 minute video up, but I am aiming to get everything up on youtube. I was pretty excited to see all those guys, I love Robot Chicken Star Wars and I have been a Seth Green fan for as long as I could remember. I was pretty sure I was not going to get to meet those guys because their only signing (which was free) was for 2 hours on Sunday. More on that later. It was funny to see the dumb questions those guys got asked, when the video is up, this girl actually asked Seth if he is a real werewolf because he played one on Buffy.

After that Panel, I met up with some friends and for a laugh we decided to see the Panel with actor Cameron Bright who was in town promoting Twilight: New Moon. Now you all know how much I LOVE Twilight (Yes I am being sarcastic), so I wanted to see what dumb questions the tweens would ask, and the poor guy was getting marriage proposals and all sorts. At least Felicia asked him a good question about filming Birth with Nicole Kidman and how their scenes caused a lot of controversy and Cameron being all but 16 gave a very good and mature response. He seemed like a really nice guy, and I will mention him again later.

I really wanted to meet Dante Basco, who starred in Hook as Rufio the new leader of the Lost Boys after Peter Pan left. He was also in the film Blood and Bone, which I saw recently and I loved him in, he also did a guest spot on Entourage. He was here as an animation voice guest as he voices Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. But the lines for the animation guests on Saturday were insane, I didn't get to meet Dante on Saturday but Sunday

We looked around for a bit and got photos with a Storm Trooper, Jason
Voorhees and the DeLorean. The stalls were alright, some good stuff for sale and on display. Tried to watch some live wrestling but it was awful, sorry to the local talent but, yeah I prefer my WWE and TNA I think.

Went to another Panel with Dan, we saw the comic artists Panel with Nicola,
Matthew and Bill. It was a really good Panel, I filmed the entire thing and Dan asked the last question. It was interesting to hear what they had to say on different subject matters. Last year I didn't get to see any Panels at all, and I thought this time I was going to take full advantage of it. I was really interested to hear what Bill had to say about Alan Moore, being that I really love his work as well and he's a strange character.

I think we spent the rest of Saturday going up and down and having a rest and catching up with the comic people. It was such a great day, I am struggling to remember what else we did, I tried to check out the celebrity signing area a few times, but it was always busy and when it wasn't the stars were either doing a panel or photo sessions. But for now, lets head on to Sunday ....

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #83, #84, #85

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #83


Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #84

The Wicker Man

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #85

Great White

Sunday, October 18, 2009

. . . and I am back

Well I spent two full days at the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo/Con, and it was fantastic! I had a really great time, met and caught up with great people. I will do a proper write up with photos tomorrow, but for now I am home and I need to crash out! I will certainly catch up on Awesome and Awful Film Posters and get some reviews in. The blog will be having a lot of content, so watch this space!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trailer: Edge of Darkness

I have not heard much about this Mel Gibson starring film Edge of Darkness, now that I have it sounds rather interesting and the trailer in my humble opinion was quite good. I will definitely be putting this film on my 2010 to see list. Aside from Mel Gibson, this film stars Ray Winstone and Danny Huston and it was directed by Martin Campbell who gave us Casino Royale.

A little synopsis from imdb: As homicide detective Thomas Craven investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to Yahoo!


Hey folks, my blog will not have any activity for the next few days as I will not be home and wont have internet access. This weekend is Armageddon which is a Pop Culture Convention where I will nerd it up like crazy! I should have awesome photos and stories to tell, so that is what I will be up to!

Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun, check out the website here.

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #82

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #82

Day Of The Dead

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Expendables Trailer/Preview

I feel like I have been waiting years for this, and finally we have a trailer/preview for this film! And yes, it looks so much fucking cooler and awesome then you ever could have imagined! Oh yes it is a throw back to 80's action, and it looks like so much damn fun! Heck there is a Lundgren/Li fight in it, how cool is that? Ah enough about me having orgasms over this, just watch it! If you don't like it, there is something wrong with you, seriously!

My Science Project


To be perfectly honest I had not even heard about this film until my partner in crime and I stumbled into this little DVD store in the city. He picked it up, being a favourite of his as a kid and not having been able to find it on DVD before. I was not really sure what to expect, it looked really silly, very 80's. But as it turned out, I actually rather enjoyed this film! Colour me surprised! Yes it is actually very silly, but in such a fun and entertaining way, and I must say the 80's were a very special time for films. They really do not make them like that anymore, and I miss that.

Basic plot of the film is you have main character Mike Harlan (John Stockwell), and he breaks into a military junk yard with the girl who has a crush on him and is also the stereotypical nerd Ellie Sawyer (Danielle von Zerneck). He wants to find something to pass as his science project for his science teacher Bob Roberts (Dennis Hopper). But things don't exactly go as planned and some strange things start to happen.

Well I don't want to spoil anymore, but what Mike does find is good. All the things that happen with what they find is so funny and so silly, but it all still works and it comes together nicely for the third act. It really helps that our leads have great chemistry together, and you can actually believe their friendship and attraction. Mike is a likeable character, he's a tough guy who loves his car, he has his crazy best friend to help him out. He has just been dumped by the school hottie (she looked 35, a bit old for school), so things aren't working out too well for him.

The best friend Vince (Fisher Stevens) is rather funny, he has some great lines which my partner in crime loves to use such as:
“Hey kid, why do you wear sunglasses at night?” - Cop
“Because when you're cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day.” - Vince

I mean come on, does it get better then that? I love it! As I mentioned it all comes together nicely for the third act, and its all just a lot of fun. The only downside to this film would be the stereotypical characters, like the other nerd who likes Ellie and the bully jocks. They are just too cliqued and I wasn't much of a fan of that. But overall this was a good film, a fun high school 80's action/adventure piece, I am glad I decided to watch it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Step aside Wu-Tang, G-Unit, NWA, D-12... There are some new kids on this block.

(My fav is MC Public Urination bahaha)

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #11

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #11


Now I like this film, I've seen it a few times. It's a decent thriller from Ron Howard, decent performances from everyone. But this poster is just awful, a big close up of Mel Gibson, looks more like a damn horror film haha! With all the kick ass things they could have done with this poster, but no they go for Mel Gibson face. Boo!

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #81

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #81

28 Days Later

Monday, October 12, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #80

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #80

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddys Revenge

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 12- Top 5 Worst Remakes w/Terror Australis

Last episode Terror Australis (fellow schmoe from JoBlo) and I discussed our top 5 best remakes (at least what we consider to be the best in our humble opinion), and to continue with the remake theme we have our new show dedicated to what we consider the top 5 worst remakes. Now there are a lot of remakes out there, some are good, some are bad, some are annoying. Now it is easy to pick apart a lot of them, but just what makes a terrible remake? Does it need to be faithful? Does it need to truthful to the original? Should it just take the idea and do its own thing? Well every film is different, and we have complied our list of what we consider to be really bad remakes, some are faithful, some are not, but they all really just annoyed us and are bad films in general.

Highlights Include:

  • * Top 5, both are very different, mine was a summer blockbuster but we have some good reasons behind our picks.
  • * Our number 4’s are again different to each other and Terror Australis has a film which was originally an Italian film.
  • * Rounding off the middle of our list one is a horror and one is supposed to be a thriller.
  • * Our number 2’s consist of a film by a director who we agree has made a successful remake in the past and I pick Terror Australis original number 1 pick, so he has to think of another, haha!
  • * Our number 1’s consist of a film which is infamous for how terrible it is and a film which made me so mad, I will forever curse it.
  • * We also discuss numerous other bits and pieces for a nice rounded out discussion.

Agree or disagree with the picks? I would love to hear feedback and what your top 5 worst remakes are, and any feedback and suggestion and comments are always welcome you can drop me a line at

Preview for my next episode … I have a special guest Pat Torfe Arrow in the Head DVD Pub Critic and all round awesome guy!

Listen Now:

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Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #79

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #79

The Stepfather

I can easily say this is just a brilliant poster, and the film is a real 80's gem. Please check it out if you haven't seen it, Terry O'Quinn is just fantastic. I am going to avoid the remake, I don't like the look and tone of it at all.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Naomi Watts, most bankable actress

Source: THR

Forbes has announced that Australian actress Naomi Watts (King Kong) is the number one most bankable actress today, it complied the list by looking at the 100 biggest stars in Hollywood.

To qualify for the list each actress had to have starred in at least three films in the past five years that opened on 500 or more screens.

"They looked at the star's estimated earnings, each movie's estimated budget and boxoffice, DVD and television earnings to figure out an operating income for each movie." - THR stated.

Watts topped the list by having her films earn $44, for every $1 she was paid for her last films of the past 5 years.

The top 10 from Fobres list is as follows:
1. Naomi Watts -
$44 for every $1
2. Jennifer Connelly -
$41 for every $1
3. Rachel McAdams -
$30 for every $1
4. Natalie Portman -
$28 for every $1
5. Meryl Streep -
$27 for every $1
6. Jennifer Aniston -
$26 for every $1
7. Halle Berry -
$23 for every $1
8. Cate Blanchett -
$23 for every $1
9. Anne Hathaway -
$23 for every $1
10. Hilary Swank -
$23 for every $1

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #78

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #78

The Neverending Story

Friday, October 9, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #77

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #77

The Warriors

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #76

Awesome Film Poster Of The Day #76

Attack of the 50ft Woman

Showgirls Update from Rena Riffel

I would like to send a big thank you to Rena Riffel herself for sending me this website, with a short interview she conducted about the recent news story of the Showgirls sequel. I had contacted Rena about the news, and she passed this along to me, to help clear things up.

Here is the short interview, and you can read the entire article at Slog.

Tell me everything you know about Showgirls 2: Story of Hope.

RENA RIFFEL: I know nothing about it!

What?! The baffling web page ostentatiously showcases an enthusiastic quote from you, and you're name-checked in the original news item!

RENA RIFFEL:I know. I'm kinda speechless. A Showgirls fan forwarded me the website last week. I saw my name in it, and I almost fell off my chair.

Was this the first you'd heard of Marc Vorlander?

RENA RIFFEL: He contacted me a year ago—that's when I gave him that quote he uses in the preview. He told me he wanted to make a Showgirls sequel and asked if I was interested. I was, but wanted to know how he was dealing with copyright issues and getting rights from the powers-that-be that own the characters from Showgirls. He said he was working it out, raising money, but then I never heard from him again.

So what do you make of the proposed Story of Hope?

RENA RIFFEL: I imagine it's just a rogue production, made by someone who has a great passion for Showgirls. I've emailed [Marc Vorlander] the last few days, but he won't email me back, which isn't a good sign. It's wonderful that's there "heat," as they say—Nomi's got heat, and now Hope's got some heat—but I feel bad that the fans are getting excited and it could be a big lie.

Speaking of would-be Showgirls sequels: Some people have read your role in Mulholland Drive as a possible continuation of Hope/Penny's story. Was that ever made explicit on-set, or are people just projecting?

RENA RIFFEL: I think that's people projecting. But in that alternate universe of David Lynch and Penny, I can see how that fits. David Lynch never mentioned such a thing, but the film was cast by the same casting director as Showgirls, so I have a feeling Lynch had seen it.

He'd better have. Will you please keep me posted on any and all Story of Hope developments?

RENA RIFFEL: Sure! It's weird that they're advertising it as if I'm totally down with it, but maybe they'll surprise us with some happy fairytale ending.