Sunday, October 25, 2009

What?!?! I've been here a year already?

October 21st marked the one year anniversary since I moved my ass from Adelaide to Melbourne. It was a huge decision, I wanted to start over fresh and get ahead with life. I honestly was just sick of life in Adelaide and I really wanted a change. I had a really BS of a year, so much stuff happened and it really had taken its toll on me. I missed my sister too, and I wanted to be close to her again especially in the event of her starting a family (Speaking of which she's due in Feb for baby number 1 YAY!). Lastly at the time my new boyfriend was moving to Melbourne for a new job, so everything just seemed to kind of fit, and it was the right time to make the move.

So a year later, whoa has much changed? Yeah it certainly has! Sure things have been tough, things didn't go the way I wanted them to, but life always throws you obstacles and you have to over come them. I mean I didn't get a job right away, but things were really tough at the time, and when I did get one it didn't work out and I am glad I am not there anymore. Since then I have found another job, and I must say working where I am now has made me a much stronger person mentally.

One of my goals when coming here was to start learning to drive, and for the past few months I have been having lessons almost every week and I am getting better and better with each one. It sure is a confidence builder! I am enjoying it too, I really like driving, if only the drivers were better on the road. I am a learner and my driving was better then 40% of the people out there, now that's saying something!

Sheesh since moving I had never been to a Convention, and now I have been to three and what great times they have all been. I met my idol Christy Hemme, which was one of the best days at last years Armageddon, she was the nicest person and its been fantastic to have kept in good contact with her and its been an honor to help run her RHS fan forum and having such awesome friends there.

Another really great highlight, was organising some meet ups with people from Empire Magazine forum, I mean what better company is there then other film geeks ehehe? Sure the film picks we saw haven't been the best (Basterds owned) but the company has been great and made some really good friends. If you guys read this, you guys rock!

I've had my fair share of health issues this year, and it seems that this city actually knows how to uncover problems and give treatment. Whilst so much is still happening, at least something is getting done and hopefully soon my problems will be behind me.

Of course I've had a great time with my sister and her wedding was just fantastic, the most beautiful day, beautiful wedding, it was all fantastic. Unfortunately that day happened to be the day of the bushfires and being that we were so far out we didn't find out until the next day. But that aside, it was a fantastic day! I can't believe it was all the way back in February now, how time flies.

Lastly, theres been my hmm 14-15 months with my partner in crime Dan. We've had our ups and downs, but so does every couple. He's the most special person to me, and I owe him a lot. I don't think I'd have gotten through this past year without him. His help and support is priceless, and I hope he knows what a top guy he is, hugs and kisses Dan!

Well that was my little rant, so lets bring on year number 2 in this fine city!

And well Thursday is another landmark, my birthday I turn the big 2-5! Then in another 5 years, I will celebrating my 30th, I bet those 5 years will fly!

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Love the photo, Marcey. And the sunnies.