Thursday, January 31, 2008



I really enjoyed this alot, it certainly is my kind of film. I didn't think it was over-rated, I can how this would appeal to a wide audience. Ellen Page is the next new star (Now dear, stay off the drugs, keep chosing good roles you'll have a bright future ahead of you!) she was just great in this, role was perfectly suited for her. She is quite adorable, and had great chemistry with all her co-stars. Michael Cera is very cute, he's a good actor but I think the poor fella is going to get type cast now. Jennifer Garner was actually quite a surprise, more roles like this should do her well. Can't go wrong with J.K Simmons and Allison Janney, they were great in their scenes. Jason Bateman was good as well, he had perfect chemistry with Ellen Page, their scenes worked really well. Jason Reitman has done another great piece of film with this, good job sir!

Bastard Drivers

Yes Adelaide has the biggest bastard drivers in the country! I swear, people in this city cannot drive! They have no idea what it means to Give Way! I can't cross the road when I am allowed to without some dickhead nearly running me over! It isn't your bloody turn to go dickhead, it is mine! Let me get through! I'd love to have a day where I didn't have to fear some fucker is going to hit me! Honestly, Adelaide drivers are complete tools! Learn to fucking drive and Give Way idiots!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fergie and her clothes

Yep had the pleasure of getting in Fergie (Stacy Ferguson from the Black Eyed Peas if you didn't know) and Sting & The Police's clothes in at work today, to clean and press. Pretty funny really, we get all the clothes from bands and singers. As far as I can remember we've done recently (Past year or so) Elton John, Guns 'n' Roses, Christina Aguilera, Pink and The Muse. Possibly others that I can't remember now though. And yes Fergie's pants didn't have any piss stains on them lol!

Monday, January 28, 2008



One of the classic films from the 90's, always great to revisit this one. Everything about it is just perfect, the script, the actors, just everything! A simply storyline where things just keep going wrong. What is great about this, is it just goes by so quickly, one of the awesome qualities of this film. Frances McDormand has never been better, and William H. Macy shows what a true talent he is. Steve Buscemi is fantastic as well, a great role for him.

"Oh geez"

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bullets Over Broadway


I quite enjoyed this one, basically its about struggling playwright who has to cast a mobsters girlfriend in his new show, because the mobster put up the money for it. He gets in some other talent, and then the trouble and laughs unfold. Everyone is really good in this, thank goodness there was no Woody Allen actually in it, as John Cusack played the role well. The stand outs of course are Jennifer Tilly as the mobsters girlfriend, a perfect fit for her, she plays it to perfection. And then there is Diane Wiest, who is so great as Helen Sinclair, a well deserved Oscar I must say. Chazz Palminteri does his job, he's always good. I thought Jim Broadbent was a hoot as Warner Purcell as well, a great character. Not a bad way to pass an afternoon.

Toy Soliders


A really great movie from the early 90's, one that certainly got me through my youth. Always alot of fun to revisit! A good little action film aimed at the teenages about a group of terrorists who take control over a prep school with a bunch of trouble making boys. A really good cast with Sean Astin and and Wil Wheaton as two of the students, Louis Gossett Jr as the Dean and keep an eye out for R. Lee Ermey as a military guy (what else would he be lol). A great way to pass an afternoon, and certainly a huge guilty pleasure of mine.

My DVD Collection

I have got my DVD Collection online now with DVD Profiler so check it out!


Smart People Trailer

And here is the trailer, enjoy!

3 Clips From Smart People

Check out 3 clips from the up coming film Smart People, which is currently at Sundance and doing well! Starring Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page, Thomas Hayden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker. One of the films Producers is very close to me, so when this comes out, I urge you all to check it out!

Smart People - Your Essay

Smart People - Win-Win Situation

Smart People - Merry Christmas

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wishing I could see her live...

....but I wont be anytime soon *sigh* but I can just imagine I am hehehe

listening to....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Listening to the sounds of...

Tom Waits

After checking out Down By Law again recently, I had the urge to listen to some Tom Waits, I adore his voice I have to say. His music certainly isn't for everyone, I find him an aquired taste but I love it. Last two days I've been listening to...

...and both are excellent, just love them! Not sure I have any favourite tracks at the moment, I am enjoying them all.

I'm trying to track down the Down By Law soundtrack, not sure where I might find it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Down By Law


What a fantastic film! I just love this, so many fantastic moments! Superb performances by John Lurie as Jack, Tom Waits as Zach and Roberto Benigni as Roberto 'Bob'. The three men find themselves sharing a jail cell. Then one day they escape and find themselves lost not knowing what do to. I find Jarmusch a very interesting film maker, and for me he crafted a very interesting and fun film. The scenes in the jail cell are probably the best in the film, especially the 'I Scream' part, just classic! I would have a hard time actually recommending this to anyone, if you are a Jarmusch fan then definitely give this a try, as well as if you are a fan of any of the three leads. Little piece of trivia, this is Roberto Benigni's first english film, and keep an eye out for his wife Nicoletta Braschi who is quite adorable in the film. One thing I really thought worked so well with the film is the fact it is in B&W, it gives the film a kind of timeless quality, which I love.

27 Dresses


Yes, it is another typical rom/com, you know exactly where it is going to go and how it is going to end. However it wasn't all that bad, I think thanks to some really nice performances from Katherine Heigl and James Marsden (Who is really adorable I might add). 27 Dresses tells the story of Jane, who loves weddings and has been a bridesmaid 27 times (That's where we get the 27 Dresses from) but then things get complicated when her younger sister (Malin Akermand) starts to see her boss (Edward Burns) who she is in love with. Add to the mix Kevin (James Marsden) who Jane meets and then finds out writes the wedding announcements she loves. So yeah that is the basic storyline, there are a few laughs, some nice moments, not a bad chick flick. I found Malin Akerman really annoying, no matter what, I could not stand her, I hope she has not ruined Watchmen. The character of George played by Edward Burns I think needed to be fleshed out a bit more, he didn't seem like anything special, in the way that Jane saw him. The montage with all the 27 Dresses was actually well done, and all the designs were actually really clever. This is more of a DVD film, unless you are really into chick flicks then wait for DVD.

Friday, January 18, 2008

American Gangster


I must say this is epic! Ridley Scott does that well I must say! This is an excellent film, fantastic direction, script, acting, just everything! Sure this story is not new, but that doesn't mean anything when it is told well! Denzel is excellent, a role perfectly suited to him. Russell Crowe is pretty good as well, a role that was meant for him to play. I think the real surprise here is Josh Brolin who is simply stunning as Det Trupo, I wasn't 100% sure it was actually him until the credits! There is some strong support from the likes of Armand Assante, Cuba Gooding Jr (He was actually good) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (he worked with Denzel in Inside Man). From the opening, this really sucks you in, you soon get swept up in Frank's rise to power and his plans. Some great scenes of the drug use as well, rather disturbing I might add. While this is all going on you see how Richie eventually gets on his trail, and how his life his going it seems it keeps him going as well. I'd say don't let the running time put you off, and I can't wait to give this a second viewing, films like this need it and you want to see it again!

Perth Pics

Went to Perth on the 9th of Jan till the 13th and here are some photos from the 13th. Not much else I'm afraid as I was sick while away, and unfortunately still am.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rescue Dawn


Been waiting to see this one for awhile, it had a strong trailer, but I didn't expect to like it this much! Christian Bale owns this movie, he truly is one of the best actors working today! What he would have gone through to make this movie, sheesh I don't even want to know. He slims right down yet again! Basically this tells the true story of Dieter Dengler, he always dreamed of being a pilot, and during a top secret mission his plane gets shot down over Vietnam and is captured and tortured. He meets up with others who have been captured as well, and they plan an escape. Christian Bale isn't the only amazing one in this film, Steve Zahn is simply unreal! The man can act! He is unrecognisable here! Simply an amazing performance, some of his scenes with Christian Bale later in the film are truly moving. Jeremy Davies who really slimmed down for this is also really good, he even scared me at times. I don't usually like these types of movies, but this was something else! The acting was excellent, the direction by Werner Herzog was excellent, everything was excellent! I can't see everyone liking this, but if you are a Bale fan, check it out.

Sunday, January 6, 2008



Hmm what can you classify this movie as? For me it was like some perfect 50's show that just happened tofeature zombie's and kids with guns! I had not laughed so hard at movies opening for such a long time! It was done so perfect, with the errr I guess you could call it the educational video on Zombies and the company ZomCon that is shown to the school kids. You find out that zombie's exist, attack the living, but with the invention of this collar that goes around the zombie's neck they lose the urge to want to eat humans and basically act as servants. So every family has a zombie, they deliver the news paper and milk, in some hilarious scenes! So we meet the Robinson family, whose son (Timmy) is a loner and gets picked on by bullies and the mum (Carrie-Anne Moss) gets the family a zombie, much to dads (Dylan Baker) displeasure. The zombie becomes attatched to Timmy and they form a bond, he even calls him Fido. Of course things happen, but I wont say what, you'll have to watch this! I had no idea who actually played Fido the Zombie untill I looked it up, and I gotta say, what a great performance by that person! The jokes do fall a bit flat towards the end, but overal I had a great time with this one.

Saturday, January 5, 2008



I had heard so many good things about this, I didn't really know what to expect. Turns out this is fucking hilarious! Doesn't take itself seriously at all, it really isn't all that original either, but you know what, that doesn't matter! You have some pretty cool cameos from Robert Englund and Tony Todd as well. And you have Kane Hodder as the badie too, so that is pretty cool. The main characters basically all had 'going to get killed' written across their forehead but seeing the how they get killed, damn gruesome! This baby had gore! It did not hold back like alot of teenie 'slashers' which was pretty refreshing! The characters were actually mostly likeable, Mercedes McNab as the blonde bimbo with no brain cells was fucking so hilarious, some of her lines, classic! All up not a bad way to spend 80mins of you day!

Shoot 'Em Up


What can you say about this one? It's insane basically! This is along the same lines as Crank, just go, go, go, mental action! Although the action in this is a bit more over the top! You obviously can't take this seriously, you just have to switch off and enjoy the show. Clive Owen is hot, Monica Bellucci is hot, Paul Giamatti is pretty insane too. If you like over the top action, then this is for you. A pretty weird sex scene in there too, can't forget to mention that!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Pics

Here are some pictures from Christmas Day


Death Sentence


I have to say, for the type of movie this was I really, really liked it! Basically its about an all round nice guy Nick (Kevin Bacon) who witnesses his son getting killed during a gang initiation. Things happen and Nick decides to get revenge, and an all out war happens between Nick and the gang. This is a really intense no bullsh*t film, and what worked for me was that even with minimal character work I actually cared about Nick and his family and I wanted to see those gang members get what was coming to them. I was on Nick's side the whole time, you could understand to a point how he was feeling. Of course things get very crazy and I wont spoil it! This is a rather violent film, not for the weak at heart I have to say! Its refreshing to see a film that isn't edited for a younger crowd. This is what it is and it isn't afraid of it. Kevin Bacon is simply awesome, he played every aspect of his character to perfection! He is such an under-rated actor, which is shame, he is so damn good. Garrett Hedlund as the leader of the gang is really good too, he'll be one to watch. John Goodman appears in a small role, he does creepy bastard really well! Kelly Preston was alright, I just always find her rather annoying. I'd recommend this to those that like their revenge films, and remember revenge is a dish best served cold!