Sunday, January 20, 2008

Down By Law


What a fantastic film! I just love this, so many fantastic moments! Superb performances by John Lurie as Jack, Tom Waits as Zach and Roberto Benigni as Roberto 'Bob'. The three men find themselves sharing a jail cell. Then one day they escape and find themselves lost not knowing what do to. I find Jarmusch a very interesting film maker, and for me he crafted a very interesting and fun film. The scenes in the jail cell are probably the best in the film, especially the 'I Scream' part, just classic! I would have a hard time actually recommending this to anyone, if you are a Jarmusch fan then definitely give this a try, as well as if you are a fan of any of the three leads. Little piece of trivia, this is Roberto Benigni's first english film, and keep an eye out for his wife Nicoletta Braschi who is quite adorable in the film. One thing I really thought worked so well with the film is the fact it is in B&W, it gives the film a kind of timeless quality, which I love.

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