Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Death Sentence


I have to say, for the type of movie this was I really, really liked it! Basically its about an all round nice guy Nick (Kevin Bacon) who witnesses his son getting killed during a gang initiation. Things happen and Nick decides to get revenge, and an all out war happens between Nick and the gang. This is a really intense no bullsh*t film, and what worked for me was that even with minimal character work I actually cared about Nick and his family and I wanted to see those gang members get what was coming to them. I was on Nick's side the whole time, you could understand to a point how he was feeling. Of course things get very crazy and I wont spoil it! This is a rather violent film, not for the weak at heart I have to say! Its refreshing to see a film that isn't edited for a younger crowd. This is what it is and it isn't afraid of it. Kevin Bacon is simply awesome, he played every aspect of his character to perfection! He is such an under-rated actor, which is shame, he is so damn good. Garrett Hedlund as the leader of the gang is really good too, he'll be one to watch. John Goodman appears in a small role, he does creepy bastard really well! Kelly Preston was alright, I just always find her rather annoying. I'd recommend this to those that like their revenge films, and remember revenge is a dish best served cold!

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