Tuesday, December 18, 2007



I realllly realllly love this movie, I like the way its put together, I like the story, I like the actors. I'd rather not compare this to Red Dragon, while they are based on the same novel I think they are quite different in their own ways. I think William Peterson was perfect as Will Graham, I really like his performance in this. Dennis Farina I just adore and he is good here too, perfect sort of role for him. Tom Noonan is pretty spot on as Francis Dolerhyde, I thought he was really perfect for the role. His scenes with Joan Allen are fantastic, she is also another one who is perfect (She usually is though). The scene with tiger is just amazing, done so well. Then we have the small role of Hannibal Lecktor (Yep spelt with a K in this) played by Brian Cox. I really liked Brian Cox in this role, for the short amount of time he's there I thought he made an impact and played a good Hannibal, and played as a background character. It would have been interesting to see him play the character again.

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