Monday, December 17, 2007

The Legend Of 1900


Caught this on TV last night by surprise, went to go to sleep and this was starting. I just adore and love this film so much, it just felt even better seeing it again (It really needs to be in my collection.). It has a strange story, about a man (Tim Roth) who was raised on a ship and who never leaves the ship and his a musical genius on the piano. The story is told from the point of view of a man he met on the ship, Max (Pruitt Taylor Vince) who starts to tell the story when he hears a record of music that shouldn't exist (You have to watch the film to find out about that.). Firstly, while the story is a little strange, it just seems to work so well. Tim Roth is just simply amazing as 1900, the casting for that role, perfection. One of the best films Tim Roth has done, and its no wonder he's on my list of my fav actors. For my anyway I just couldn't help but fall in love with 1900, everything about the character, just loved it. Another genius casting choice was Pruitt Taylor Vince as Max, I thought he was just excellent. Those two had great chemistry together and it worked so well. One of the best scenes is when their characters meet, simply fantastic. Again if you can't tell, I really do love this film.

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