Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Melbourne Trip

So from Dec 6th to Dec 11th (today), I've been on a trip to Melbourne with my Mum to visit my sister Rachel and her partner Gianluca. It was a nice trip, really needed to get away for a few days. I hadn't met their dog, who they've had for two and a half years Carlos (The Aussie Terrier) and I hadn't seen where they lived either. So it was really nice to go back to Melbourne after three years. Was different being in the suburbs, away from the city. Last time I was there my sister was living in an apartment in St. Kilda, across from the beach.

We didn't do much, hung around the house, hung out, watched Foxtel which they only just got set up, we played board games, and cards, played with the dog alot. We met Gianluca's family as well, had a family lunch on Sunday, nice Italian food of course. Sunday night we went to the movies and saw Eastern Promises which I had been dying to see. I love David Cronenberg, and seeing one of his films on the big screen finally was great. Review pending lol.

Then Monday, the three of us girls went shopping in the city, walked around, had lunch together. Then Mum went to the Casino, and me and Rachel went shopping, bought a few things, got some bargains hehe. Had a nice night in, played Trivial with Rachel and I lost ahh!

Did a bit more shopping this morning, and then we came home!


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