Sunday, January 6, 2008



Hmm what can you classify this movie as? For me it was like some perfect 50's show that just happened tofeature zombie's and kids with guns! I had not laughed so hard at movies opening for such a long time! It was done so perfect, with the errr I guess you could call it the educational video on Zombies and the company ZomCon that is shown to the school kids. You find out that zombie's exist, attack the living, but with the invention of this collar that goes around the zombie's neck they lose the urge to want to eat humans and basically act as servants. So every family has a zombie, they deliver the news paper and milk, in some hilarious scenes! So we meet the Robinson family, whose son (Timmy) is a loner and gets picked on by bullies and the mum (Carrie-Anne Moss) gets the family a zombie, much to dads (Dylan Baker) displeasure. The zombie becomes attatched to Timmy and they form a bond, he even calls him Fido. Of course things happen, but I wont say what, you'll have to watch this! I had no idea who actually played Fido the Zombie untill I looked it up, and I gotta say, what a great performance by that person! The jokes do fall a bit flat towards the end, but overal I had a great time with this one.

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