Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another year older

As my mum put it, I am now a quarter of a century old! Yep 25 years young today, hard to believe as time flies. My 2nd birthday being celebrated in Melbourne, and as I blogged earlier time has flown by.

I haven't had a very good Birthday, I'm so insanely sick with the flu, which has ruined my entire week basically. No I don't have swine flu, why does everyone keep asking?? But I've been cheered up with all the birthday wishes from friends and family, so a big thank you to everyone I really appreciate it and it did brighten my day!

Not much to report, I had to see the doctor yet again, they are keeping an eye on me. My health issues have basically blown up like crazy this past month and hopefully by next week it will be settled down and I can get back to basics.

Well here is to another year and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee give me good health lol

Marcey through the years

My 2nd birthday

This was my 3rd birthday

I believe this was 6th

My 17th birthday

Fastforward to my 21st

My 23rd birthday, where Mum had the flu :p

My 24th birthday and my first one in Melb

No photos from today as I look like a damn zombie!


Anomaly said...

What a hot tramp you grew up to be!

Sam Inglis said...

Many happy returns Marcey

Marceyness said...

Thank you both hehe

Kratos said...

Happy BD, Marcey. You rock! Love the pics by the way. So cute....

God of War said...

Oh, and you're the best looking zombie that I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Haha, weren't you a little monster? :D Happy (BELATED) birthday, love.


Marceyness said...

Hahaha I sure was! Thanks!