Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 12- Top 5 Worst Remakes w/Terror Australis

Last episode Terror Australis (fellow schmoe from JoBlo) and I discussed our top 5 best remakes (at least what we consider to be the best in our humble opinion), and to continue with the remake theme we have our new show dedicated to what we consider the top 5 worst remakes. Now there are a lot of remakes out there, some are good, some are bad, some are annoying. Now it is easy to pick apart a lot of them, but just what makes a terrible remake? Does it need to be faithful? Does it need to truthful to the original? Should it just take the idea and do its own thing? Well every film is different, and we have complied our list of what we consider to be really bad remakes, some are faithful, some are not, but they all really just annoyed us and are bad films in general.

Highlights Include:

  • * Top 5, both are very different, mine was a summer blockbuster but we have some good reasons behind our picks.
  • * Our number 4’s are again different to each other and Terror Australis has a film which was originally an Italian film.
  • * Rounding off the middle of our list one is a horror and one is supposed to be a thriller.
  • * Our number 2’s consist of a film by a director who we agree has made a successful remake in the past and I pick Terror Australis original number 1 pick, so he has to think of another, haha!
  • * Our number 1’s consist of a film which is infamous for how terrible it is and a film which made me so mad, I will forever curse it.
  • * We also discuss numerous other bits and pieces for a nice rounded out discussion.

Agree or disagree with the picks? I would love to hear feedback and what your top 5 worst remakes are, and any feedback and suggestion and comments are always welcome you can drop me a line at

Preview for my next episode … I have a special guest Pat Torfe Arrow in the Head DVD Pub Critic and all round awesome guy!

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