Monday, April 7, 2008

Latest going ons

Well you probably haven't seen much of me online, been quite busy. Work has been busy, working 6 days a week again starting this week as I asked for Saturday off so I could get some stuff done. Been busy with the house and just making sure me and Mum have everything, trying to get back into a normal routine, and eating healthy again. It will take some time, but things will settle down soon, we have a house inspection on Thursday and just waiting to hear back about a few things. As we signed the papers for the change of tenant on the lease. And I am sure we'll get a lease renewal notice soon as well. Other things are going on too, nothing major. The house looks great, it actually feels like a home, with nice things, hehe mostly from IKEA but meh its nice! Me and Mum did go on a DVD binge, naughty naughty I know but we needed a treat with everything we'd been going through. We did watch Footloose which was quite fun. I must be off to work soonish, got a lot to be done when I finish work too.

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