Tuesday, August 25, 2009



This is an extremely difficult film to write a review on, even more difficult is to try and write it without giving up spoilers. I will try my best to keep this spoiler free.

This film is about a girl Lucie (Myléne Jampanoi) who was tortured, escaped her captures and then is haunted by a demon. Grown up she finds the people who tortured her, and her childhood friend Anna (Morjana Alaoui) joins her ... and well that is when we venture into spoiler territory.

This film is made up of two parts, the first half (or the first 49mins) and the second half. The first half is completely different then the second half. The first half starts off as this no holds barred horror/thriller, the tortured girl escaping, making a new friend, being haunted by some kind of demon, grows up and finds the people who did it to her. The events that unfold are indeed shocking, gruesome and certainly they do not hold anything back. Not much is really explained, and you know what, I didn't mind that so much. As these events kind of finish up, the film takes a turn and we enter our second half.

The second half changes in tone, enter some new things, and a possible explanation. Now whilst the tone changes, the brutality and gruesome nature however do not. And after 20 minutes or so you really start to wonder where this is going. This does end rather strange, they wanted to give an explanation, and I kind of saw where this was headed. But I am not sure I liked it, but it did give you some things to think about. I actually would have liked this to have gone a different route and maybe not explain things, it surely would have been a lot more creepier perhaps and a more affective horror film. But they went for something different, and you'll either love it or dislike it I think.

Performance wise, this film does not fail. Both our female leads are quite amazing and the things they have to endure through this film are quite brutal and they really give strong and credible performances. Everyone else is quite good in this as well, and I certainly could not find a fault. The actual look of the film is something I liked as well, the use of restrained colours I especially liked. The effects were pretty spot on and they looked and felt real. I felt every drop of blood.

This film certainly is not for everyone and I can imagine it would be quite a hard watch for a lot of people. If you want to take a chance with something a bit different, go for it, but be warned you might not leave happy!

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