Monday, August 3, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 5 “You don’t know sh*t” w/Steven (BBB) - Showgirls Edition

Episode 5 of the Super Podcast is here, and I am joined with Steven (BBB) who was my first guest in Episode 3. (This podcast has all sorts of colourful language and I recommend that people who are not old enough to see Showgirls, do not listen to the podcast.)

We discuss the film Showgirls, the cult classic which was dubbed the worst film of the 90’s and cleaned up at the Razzie awards.

*We talk about why we love this film

*We wonder how it actually got made

*We discuss the stars of the film, who we like best and who has the best body

*We give a run down of our favourite scenes and most memorable scenes


*And much much more!!!

It should be noted, Steven and I are huge fans of the film and this podcast is our way of dissecting the film and giving others our view on the movie. And if you want to try the Super Podcast drinking game, drink every time I say “like” but do it responsibly because you will be pretty smashed by the end. HAVE FUN!!

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