Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inside (À l'intérieur)


Wow! Inside eh, another film that came highly recommended and I wasn't really sure what to expect. All I knew it was about a pregnant woman and some shit happens. Well some shit did happen! Whoa!

So what is this about? Film starts off with a car accident, we see it involved a pregnant woman and her partner has been killed. Fast forward 4 months and the pregnancy is coming along well. The woman goes home one day and then some crazy woman is creeping around the house, and the shit hits the fan!

I don't want to give anything away, the less you know the better this film works. It is a very bloody, brutal and at times over the top film. So much so for me I actually laughed at parts because the violence was so over the top. But it is a partly serious film, the issues it raises are serious, however the over the top violence does make it less serious, but awfully brutal. The situation the lead woman is in, is very grim, and you really do feel for her and do not want to see anything happen to her. The woman who is after her is rather creepy and you really just want to grab a knife and stab her in the back.

But for me this film worked pretty darn well, and watching it unfold and not knowing what to expect was great. The two main leads gave pretty strong performances, especially the pregnant woman, she was fantastic. The other minor players did well too, nothing wrong there.

One problem I had was just that some characters got disposed of quickly, and it just seemed a bit too silly. This woman apparently was smarter then everyone, and Jason, Michael, Freddy ect could certainly take some lessons from her. Other then that, as I said there is over the top violence, but I didn't mind that. It all added to the brutality of the film, and there was a lot of blood! One scene in particular stuck out for me and it involved a head, that is all I shall say.

The look of the film was great, the camera work was fantastic, the use of colour worked so well, when you saw red, you really felt it! I dug that a lot. The atmosphere was also fantastic and it worked so well, there were some shots that really looked creepy and it worked so well.

There isn't much to fault with this film, it is such a different and unexpected ride. The french certainly make interesting genre films! As a woman this film certainly does feed into certain fears, and on that level it can be rather disturbing, and this is a difficult film to recommend. Genre fans certainly check this one out.

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