Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super Podcast Ep 9 - Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Films w/Steven (BBB)

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Super Podcast, I am joined with my Top 5 buddy Steven AKA Big Bada Boomba from Empire. Our topic for this episode is another Top 5 list, we delve into our Top 5 Guilty Pleasure films! Guilty Pleasure films are a special gem, we love them so.

Highlights include:

  • Number 5 we pick films which are universally classed as truly awful!
  • Our Number 4’s are again universally classed as truly awful, however my film is much more loved haha!
  • The films we picked for Number 3 are both in the same horror franchise.
  • Number 2, we have the same pick! We rule!
  • For our Number 1’s we have very different films, one has animation and one has Van Damme!
  • And much much more!

This was such a fun show to do, these films offer so much comedy gold, we love them! As always you can drop me a line at

Listen Now:

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Anomaly said...

LMAO @ this.

LOL @ you saying "Oh no" over Catwoman.

LOL @ Rumor Willis talk.

LOL @ the Elm St fuckery.

It's great!

Marceyness said...

I know its fucking gold!