Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!


The moment I heard about this doco, I wanted to see it. And now I finally have, plain and simple, I loved it! As the title suggests this is about "Ozploitation" the films of the 70's and early 80's that came from this great country of mine in the form of Exploitation. I mean 20 minutes into this doco, you get boobs, bush and cock! So that should give you at least some idea of what "Ozploitation" is about.

The film offers opinions from the people who made and starred in these films, even some critics and one very big "Ozploitation" fan (Quentin Tarantino). The film goes through the different types of exploitation films that came out of the era, and it basically shows all sides of them. The good, the bad and the ugly, it is all laid out for us to see.

I really want to track down a bunch of these films, I have seen some too, I just can't remember them that well. I honestly had no idea Australia had produced quite a large amount of these types of films, and this doco really brings out some hidden gems that would have probably gone under my radar.

It is really great to see all sorts of people involved speak candidly about these films, about their experiences and even how these films got made and on set accidents that occurred. I came away from this a lot more appreciative of Australian cinema and these forgotten films. I do enjoy exploitation films, I like them for what they are and I would now like to support Australian's own exploitation films. They do have a quality all of their own, and their own uniqueness. It is fantastic that a doco like this has opened my eyes to these films and obviously the eyes of many. So that these films will be seen once again and appreciated. (Since this doco came out, a lot of the films mentioned have been re-released on DVD) Certainly this film is a must see for genre fans, and fans of Australian cinema.


jaime said...

You give this a 4.5! Did you see it?WOW 4.5, i must be out of the loop because i think this movie stink's.

Marceyness said...

Hmm well I couldn't have written a review if I hadn't of seen the film. Opinions are like arse holes, everyones got one. If you thought it stunk, that's fine, you probably aren't a fan of the films its even about. But looking at it as a documentary it is probably one of the best there is on film.

jaime said...


Marceyness said...

Hmm do you actually have a reason? Instead of saying it blows? Because apparently I can't have an opinion and you aren't giving a reason.

jaime said...

From the women who love's JCVD! (ha ha he he,Dolph Lundgren all the way)

Marceyness said...

See again, you can't explain anything .... FAIL