Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rachel at Blu

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The OC was a guilty pleasure back in the day (Gossip Girl has since taken its place), and my favorite character was Summer played by the ultra hottie Rachel Bilson. I haven't seen much of her lately, but she was spotted having lunch in LA at the Blu Jam Cafe. I must say, she is looking pretty darn good, too bad she's got that trench coat on though! Good news though she has a new film coming soon called Waiting For Forever which she co-stars with Jane Seymour. Nice to see her getting work, I thought she was (along with Adam Brody) the real talent on The OC. She was one of the only decent things in Jumper I might add. Looking as good as she is and with a new film, I hope we see more and more of Ms Bilson, yes please!

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