Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And the tests continue!

Yep, more tests are needed, and probably more after that! What fun! And I have to say, they are not pleasant tests either.

Basically I got told at the hospital, nothing is clear as to why I have high blood pressure. My adrenal gland is enlarged and it has some growth thing on it, but don't worry it isn't cancer or anything. (That is how he said it btw) So basically they don't have clear evidence of what is causing the high blood pressure, but they need more tests to find out. They have to know for certain before they go in and do anything like surgery. It seems though this will all end with me having surgery. I mean I have other symptoms that there is something going on with my body, just no idea what it is.

This is like a really long episode of House... although I would rather be on House! I think he would actually be better to deal with, and he would find out the problem is in no time!

And so it continues...more waiting...

Meanwhile I caught this really amazingly bad movie called Gymkata! I mean it is truly awful, but that is what makes it so insanely awesome that it rocks! Look it up on YouTube, truly some awesome stuff. I have a book that has to do with the undead to finish reading, I have some comics I want to reread again before I put my thoughts down. I also have some more movies to watch (Looking forward to Outlander) and I have some shows to catch up on.

I have applied for quite a few jobs, I hope to actually hear back from something. Tomorrow I will keep going, and the next day and the next day. I am applying for jobs twice, even three times. There is hardly anything out there, every day it seems less and less new jobs are appearing. But in times like these you really need to stay positive and never give up. I started this course, and hopefully that will get me noticed. I need that piece of paper to say I am qualified. After that I might even go on to more courses, and hopefully work at the same time.

I feel a bit in limbo at the moment, between my health issues, being on going and everything. I might have to wait awhile but hopefully things will work out. I don't mind working in say retail for the short term, get some money behind me, and then pursue the things I really want to be doing. But its just a matter of getting that job, and seeing what other courses and options I have, and then do them.

I also think it is about time I start having driving lessons, so in the next few months I am going to try and organise that, get some money behind me, get that confidence back and do it.

Wish me luck!

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