Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well me and Dan spent the weekend at the Melbourne Supanova Expo. It was pretty cool for the most part.

I liked Armageddon better, but maybe that is because Christy was there and I had a great time hanging out with her.

The real disappointment was Hayden Panittiere, I spent the money to meet her and get her autograph mainly because of Heroes. And she was a huge snob, she didn't even answer hello, how are you. She refused (apparently her people wanted it) photos, unless it was a paid for $50 professional photo, and she apparently only smiled for the camera for the photo sessions and didn't want people to touch her. My gawd, that is real awful behaviour! I mean talk about prima donna, she gives that a new name! Someone commented that it seemed like she didn't care or want to meet her fans. That is horrible! Without the fans she would be a no body, and acting that way is not right! She has lost a fan here, I mean why agree to appear if you are going to act like that! Everyone else seemed really nice and looked like they wanted to meet and chat to the fans. As I understand it Katee Sackhoff (BSG) did not want photos taken during her panel sessions, but photos at any other time were fine and she was really nice to fans, I haven't seen much of BSG (I do want to) but I would have rather of spent my money and met her.

I spent most of the time with Daniel, and he was there for the comic book artists that were there. I have to say they were some of the nicest people, it was a lot of fun. He got some fantastic sketches as well, and as I would imagine some very helpful and insightful feedback from them on his own art work. I picked up a few comics, and so far I've only read The Example which I really liked. Tom Taylor who wrote it was such a cool guy, I emailed him after I read it. He did say to send him an email when I had read it (lol he said if I hated it to tell him I loved it hehe), and he wrote back a few hours later to say thanks and good news he did remember me haha. Colin Wilson's art work on the comic was nice as well, I really would like to read their Star Wars Invasion comics when it comes out soon. Nicola Scott did this awesome Supergirl picture for Daniel to go with a Superman one she did for him in 07, it looks fantastic. Her work is great, and she was such a nice person as well. Goodness what else was there? David Yardin, man his stuff was so awesome, he was busy over the weekend and after chatting to him, Daniel got a free quick Superman sketch, how nice hehe. Oh and then there was W. Chew Chan or Chewie hehe, he was cool, very cool! Got to see some work he did for Superman Returns, and he did a neat (free) sketch for Dan of Superman. I got the two issue Buckaroom Banzai comics which he did the art work for, should be an interesting read. I also have The Twilight Saga, which is about a serial killer, I think it will be 5 issues. I spoke to the writer/artist, forgot his name because it was long as haha but he was nice. It was cool to talk about Watchmen actually hehe NERDO!

Well I hope they hold the next one somewhere else, it was really stuffy at the showgrounds and there were soo many flies, a little unpleasant I must say.

Phew that is all for now hehe


Kath Lockett said...

...maybe a fly flew up Ms Pantierre's nose?

....or her butt??

Marceyness said...

I believe so! Something was very off there! But I have been hearing this behaviour wasn't a once off from her. Disappointing.