Monday, February 23, 2009

Mozzie Bites/Changes/Oscars

You know what really grinds my gears? Mosquito's and their bites!

Seriously, I am cursed! Either that or they just really love me. I did not get just one mosquito bite Saturday night while sound asleep, no. I did not get two or got...get ready for it...TWENTY MOZZIE BITES!

Most of them are on my right arm and follow on to my back, and I have a couple on my left arm, a few on my legs and three on my err chest. It is rather annoying, as they are itching like crazy! I used Mums mosquito bite zapper, and it seems to have worked on some bites and not others.

Of course my other half did not even get one bite, it could be because he had the fan on him and the fan wasn't on me and it blew the mosquito/s away from him.

In other news, I have made a decision, and I hope that this decision is for the best. By stopping taking something I do hope that my blood pressure will go down, and hopefully my weight will go down as well. Seeing as what the doctor gave me seems pretty useless, I decided not to take it anymore. Hopefully by doing this things will improve, and I can seek out other alternatives if it does work. I am mostly really concerned with my blood pressure, so I do hope it goes down. And the weight loss would be good as well, since going back on what I was on my weight has piled on. Last time I went off what I was on, I lost 10kgs in 7 weeks. I do hope that will repeat, that would be awesome. Although by going off what I am on it means I have to be more careful with other things, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

So I hope in a weeks time or so I can say, MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS DOWN!

Oh yeah, and how awesome is it that Milk won 2 Oscars!?

Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor.

Slumdog Millionaire won 8 awards, but I knew that would clean up, including Best Director for Danny Boyle which is great as I am a big fan of his and Best Picture.

Which reminds me I better email my sister with congrats, she is the Exec Producer of a two time Oscar winning film


Kath Lockett said...

Hey if I was there, you'd be mozzie-bite free. They love me and whenever I go to bbqs I get eaten alive and everyone else is unaffected.

Congrats to your sister, too!

Marceyness said...

haha thanks! They got me AGAIN last night, my feet are covered!