Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well I am ready for bed, I am very tired. I haven't been able to get a solid nights sleep for quite a few weeks, actually the closest I get it when I am at the other half's, and sleep in his bed. Maybe it is that his bed is so much more comfy than mine, a bit softer? Maybe I sleep better with company? Or maybe, because its the weekend I don't have much to worry about? Who knows eh?

I had to go back to the doctor tonight, the main issue seems to be my blood pressure, it was rather high when she took it. It has been high for quite some time, but it seemed it had gone down at the start of the week. I have to monitor it carefully, and need to investigate with the doctors as to what is causing it to be high. They think perhaps it could be the pill, the one I was on was known to cause high blood pressure, so I am trying a new one. Give it three months and see how I am with that. I'm feeling some side effects of this new pill, I really hope it will not be on going.

I will have to remember to check my blood pressure in the morning and see what it is like, I hope it is not high.

Meanwhile I am still on antibiotics until Monday, to get rid of this terrible sinus infection. I feel better, but my head is a bit blocked and yuk still. Great timing with it too, two weeks into my new job and I get it. I am on week three now, and I have to say it has been a crusty week for the most part, due to numerous things. Things at work, things going on around me.

I hope I can get a good nights rest, have a good day tomorrow and then enjoy a nice and relaxing evening with the other half, perhaps even throw in some Wii activities too hehe.

Good night and good luck xox


Kath Lockett said...

Hope you feel better soon. Nothing is as unfun as walking around like a Human Phlegm Factory!

Marceyness said...

Aww thank you, I am better from it now, still a bit yukky, but getting there lol

I finished my dose of antibiotics, which is good though.