Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rocker


I had heard mixed things about this, so I went in with average expectations. It wasn't really a rip off of School Of Rock, story was different but they both had the kicked out of the band loser character. Although in the case of School Of Rock, Dewey (Jack Black) was a fun and likable character. In The Rocker, Robert Fishman or Fish for short (Rainn Wilson) isn't all that likable and is not really all that fun either.
I did not find this to be really funny either, the jokes did not work for me. While I am sure Fish and his dress style was supposed to be funny, I just found it overly lame and stupid. The film actually drags out in parts, and I kept finding myself falling asleep, which is always not a good sign. It had a promising cast as well, with the likes of Christina Applegate, but she hardly had anything to work with. Josh Gad looked like a Jonah Hill clone, although less annoying. Emma Stone looked cute, and did what she had to do. Overal I would say this is a perfect example of a failed attempt at a comedy, it wanted to be something good but it wasn't. Rainn Wilson usually is pretty good, but I thought it he was below average here. While the film looked like a good idea on paper, on film it failed.

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