Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Entourage - Latest Episode

For a filler episode of Entourage I thought this was pretty good and it was hilarious. Stepping away from all the movie talk, this episode was strictly about secks! Unable to name anyone he's slept with, without later trying to persue something with them, E gets put in the postion that he has to have a One Night Stand that day, before Turtle can. With Vince as his 'guide' and Drama and his, the boys go off, to find their conquests. While Vince and E find two brits (One being Sophie Monk with a bad accent), Turtle and Drama find something else. Wont spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but it is HILARIOUS! Its nice to have these kinds of episodes every once in awhile, having the guys be the guys.

Meanwhile Ari's storyline was going back to wanting his son in the same school as his daughter, with all the other private schools rejecting them (The headmaster hates Ari and basically must have told the other schools about him), they check out a public school. After a kid kicks Ari (Funny) he vows to get his son into that school. By episodes end, Ari is in tears, and I was laughing so hard! Can't wait for next weeks episode, although I'm hanging out for the Cannes episode which I believe will be the Season Finale!

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