Thursday, July 17, 2008

why so serious


After what, like 3 years of waiting, last night I finally saw The Dark Knight, thank whoever got this film to Australia a day early! Brilliant! Oh and thanks to Super Dan for providing some good company for the film hehe

Anyway! This lived up to all my expectations and more, it was soo much better then I ever had expected! This film was bloody epic! It was the real world comic book film, Batman was given the treatment he truly deserves.Could the casting have been any better? Bale is Batman/Wayne, so perfect, he really is! Michael Caine as Alfred rules, their chemistry together is utterly excellent. I'm glad they recast Katie Holmes, I can't stand her. Maggie is a strong actress and she held her own, I'm glad they chose her. Gary Oldman really put on a good show as Gordon, we got more of him here and Gary Oldman is never a let down (Even in the shittiest film, he can come up smelling like roses). I must say in a small role I loved Nestor Carbonell as the Mayor, but perhaps I am biased because some day he will father my children!

The real stand-outs though would be Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. Their characters were done so bloody well, so much to them! There is no way any other actors could have done what they did. Dent's transformation is truly tragic and heart breaking, Eckhart just managed to do all the right things to send that across. And Ledger, whoa...when I first heard of his casting, I thought, no way can he be the Joker. But he really became something else, a true villain. That Joker that be made and became is something I've never seen before, he played everything so perfectly, everything was spot on. His last complete performance by far for me was truly his best. Heath was a great actor, and here he out did himself.

The story is so dark too, the events that happen, are dark! It is a dark film, it is a crime film! I have to say I quite enjoyed Eric Roberts too, as part of the mob. See Batman has made a difference in Gotham, and basically it's time to get back at him. There are those who want to save the city (Batman, Dent, Gordon) and then theres the one who wants to see it burn (the Joker). Everything was done in such a way, the scope of it all, epic is really the only word I can use to describe it. I probably can't really add much more to what has already been said about this film. But I must point out there are certain scenes which are beyond fantastic, such as the opening! I loved it! Watch out for the Jokers magic trick, I jumped out of my seat when I saw it!

Of course this film does have its lighter moments, and some rather funny scenes too. Expertly written!

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