Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A WWE Rant

Yeah so since I got Foxtel I've gotten back into the wrestling, not quite to the extent that I used to be lol but yeah...

It has its good moments and it sure has its crap moments (GAB was pretty shitty overall), but still entertaining.

But one thing which has really been bugging me is the lack of actual wrestling. Raw and Smackdown are just diluted with so much talking, and a lot of it is quite boring.

Bring on the matches please! There are so many under-used talents, people you never see. Some of the storylines are actually quite boring.

I can't stand this never ending JBL/Cena feud, END IT ALREADY! And please, JBL is sooo fucking annoying and shit, why is he in the World Heavyweight Title picture? Get away JBL, I really do not want to see him!

I actually am loving that the under-dog in CM Punk is the Champ, and I do like this feud brewing between Punk/Batista/Kane. It should stay like that for Summerslam, I so do not want JBL and Cena involved, yet I do not want to see them feuding either. But there is not a whole lot for them is there.

I like seeing the young guys, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiasi are both two young talented guys and they both have good mic skills and so far have shown some talent in the ring. I want to see them really wrestle and have matches. I want to see the old school boys in Lawler and Hacksaw take them on in a real match, something longer than 5 minutes. Please, give us that!

And seriously stop holding off, give Raw a GM, it is shit without one.

So over this whole Edge/Vickie thing, move on please! I read Smackdown spoilers and there is so much I want to say but that will wait until after I have seen it.

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