Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Body Of Lies


I got to say going in this not really knowing about it, kind of made it all the more interesting. Watching everything unravel at the start was great. It just takes you right in there and leaves you there.
Ridley Scott is perfect for this type of film, and he has such a great cast. Leonardo is such a fantastic actor and he was perfect for the role, I thought he was fantastic. Russell Crowe was good, he was better in American Gangster imo, but he was quite solid. Mark Strong was fantastic as Hani, I thought he was quite the surprise. He gave a very multi-layered performance, which made his character all the more intriguing. Actually Vince Colossimo was pretty good, what a surprise to see him. I felt a few things were predictable in the film (the stuff with Aisha), but there were some other things I actually didn't see coming, so it was good in that respect for me. It kept me interested all the way through, which was great, it takes a different direction half way through but it did work for me. I'd recommend this one for sure, especially check it for DiCaprio, he is fantastic.

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