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Melbourne Armageddon Expo 2008

Well I planned to write this over the weekend but I didn't get around to it lol

Well Armageddon Expo was pretty awesome, it was such a fantastic experience, I couldn't have imagined how great it turned out to be.

Since the very first WWE Diva Search took place, several years ago I have been a HUGE fan of Christy Hemme, since she was in the contest I thought "Whoa, what a bubbly and fun person, so full of life, so lovely, she is fantastic" and every week I voted for her online so she would win the contest. I found out she had a small website and I emailed her quite often to wish her luck and support and being the great gal that she is wrote back too. Of course she won, and I've been a fan of hers ever since, through her time with the WWE and now with TNA. For the past year and a half I've actually been the Admin at her official messageboard the RHS, which was started after she had won the Diva Search and I've been a member of since day one. The place is great, I've met some awesome people there through the years, and it is a real pleasure to help run with my fellow admins. So yeah basically when Joey told me that Christy was headed to Melbourne and actually so was I since I was moving, I was so excited to go and finally meet her. I think what got me more excited was Christy knowing I was going and leaving me this little message

"RHS ROCKS!!! You guys are seriously the best ever and gave me a ginormous smile!! Your support over the past years makes me feel very blessed to have you all in my life and you definitley made my birthday that much more special... THANK YOU!!

xoxo, Christy

ps. going to Australia tomorrow with Traci Brooks and yaaaa I get to meet....your fellow RHS member Marcey, see you there Marcey!"

So naturally that got me all the more excited hehe! So after a few ticket issues, I got into Armageddon, Daniel had to line up early (5th in line) to meet comic book artist (legend) Jim Lee, so I headed around to the TNA area where Christy, Traci Brooks and Sandman would be. I bought the TNA Knockouts DVD which I could get signed and I chatted to a few people around the place, the guy who was working there was very nice, I told him about being an admin for Christys messageboard and he let me know when they had arrived and yes he told me about poor Traci having her luggage lost! I got in line and finally after so long I got to meet Christy! She was even nicer and more awesome then I could have imagined, I told her who I was and she was just so happy to meet me, and it was sweet to chat to her a bit and it was so lovely for her to offer to take some photos, and pose for one with me and I got a hug hehe! Actually it was great of Christy and Traci to pose for some photos (which you can check out), they were both lovely!

So after that I waited for Michael to show up, and checked out the Expo a bit, at this stage, Daniel was still in line and it hadn't moved really (apparently someone decided to ask Jim Lee to sign a hell of a lot of comics, what a turd!). There were some cool stalls and some cool costumes (as well as some bad ones hehe)! I did get to chat to a friend of my cousins, who I was hoping to run in to and checked in a bit with Dans friends who had a stall there, you know, informing the line hadn't moved and he'd been there for like 2 hrs! Got to catch up with Michael finally! So glad ya came man!

Eventually I got to Daniel when he got to Jim Lee, who signed 5 items for him, including this old VHS tape from the 80's, which I think surprised Jim Lee quite a bit haha! Wheres the damn DVD! Its a cool video by the way, look up Jim Lee and Stan Lee on youtube! Then one of the coolest things happened, Jim drew Dan a sketch, but inside the HUSH hardcover he had. And what a sketch, he did it in like 5 mins and its just amazing! Of Superman, he even used liquid paper on it, it looks so awesome, I just can't describe it hehe! Go see the pics haha! Needless to say Dan was on cloud 9, and he got to chat to Jim who told Dan to come back at around 5 and he'd check out his sketches, no need to line up either! How nice of Jim huh? More about that later!

So we hung out for a bit, got some food. We went (Me and Michael) to the TNA stall for the next round of autograph signings, and got to chat to Christy and Traci again while Michael got to meet her and get her autograph (he also got a free one from Traci haha)! I was on cloud 9 when Christy reffered to me as her friend! Yes we're friends hehe! She asked if me and Michael were friends and I said yeah! And she explained to Traci who I was, it was so sweet! Chatted a bit about her tattoos, which was funny actually, because she said everyone thinks they are fake lol! Took more photos, Michael got a really nice one with Christy! She was great!

After that we checked out the sights, got photos, posed with some people in costumes! Daniel went and chatted to some more comic book artists, Colin Wilson and Wayne Nichols, who were simply awesome! Colin did Dan a sketch from the cover of a comic, I was just blown away by the finished product, it was just fantastic! Colin was a very chatty guy too, it was interesting the things he had to say! And watching Wayne do a Wolverine sketch was interesting, nice to see them at work! He was really nice too, Daniel asked him to check out his sketches and offer him feedback, after checking out sketches Daniel had from other artists hehe Wayne checked out Daniels work and gave some amazing feedback and advice, what blew me away was how constructive he was about it and informative. Wayne dude, you should give lessons! It was so nice of him to do that, and I know how much Daniel appreciated it! Top blokes they were! Daniel then asked Wayne for a sketch, which he said he'd have done later in the day.

So we got more food, and walked around, and man this was AMAZING! Ernie Hudson, yes for those in the know Ernie Hudson starred in my favourite TV show of all time OZ as Warden Glynn, or for everyone else he was Winston Zeddmore in Ghost Busters (Hes the recruit hehe). So I went up to him and I told him OZ was my favourite show and I thought he was just the absolute best in the show and just amazing. He was like almost blown away with my comments and gave me this huge hug and was like thank you, and then started chatting to me about the show, he said he was surprised we got it here! I was just like OMG OMG OMG haha! I saw him a bit later on, and I got some cool pictures of him, but not with him because people kept getting in front of me. I know he totally wanted to pose with me lol!

So yeah, after that more walking around, got to watch Christy and Traci have a match with some local wrestlers, and I got to see Christy do as I call them the Christy splits! That was WICKED! I wish I could do that! I'll never forget when she did that on the Diva Search, best part of the contest lol!

So I went back to the TNA stall and I got to chat to Christy a lot more, even a little with Traci. Christy was so nice, she was asking all sorts of questions, about what I was up to, if I was coming back the next day, about Daniel, and how me and Michael knew each other and stuff. It was so great! I got more hugs from her and few more photos as well. I wished her a belated Happy Birthday and her and Traci wished me one as well, that was sooo sweet! It was such an amazing experience, she was so nice, it was like talking to someone I'd known, and the fact that she took the time out to get to know a fan was just awesome. She is a top lady! I'm sorry for some people I know who had a falling out with her, but I had a great time, and I can't say anything wrong about her! She's fantastic!

After that I went to find Daniel, it was after 5, and he was with guess who...JIM LEE! Yup, Jim Lee looked at Daniels sketches, and he then proceeded to give Daniel a 15 min, 1 on 1 tutorial! I believe Jim liked a sketch that Daniel did, based on well one of Jims pieces lol and he went on to talk and show him things, and it all got filmed! I don't think the film will be out for some time, but whoa! Now folks this sort of thing doesn't happen often, Daniel is one lucky guy! He got a lesson from Jim Lee! I think it just goes to show, if you treat someone with respect, you get it back! I managed to snap photos of it, I thought, damn this is a once in a lifetime chance, better get as many photos as possible! I think Daniel is still floating on that cloud! Hopefully Daniel keeps in mind everything Jim taught him and can put that to good use! Daniel, you have talent, and I really hope you keep sketching away, I love your work xox

After that we went back to Wayne, who was working on Daniels sketch, told him what happened and chatted to him. More sketching advice, and well seeing him work was cool. The sketch he did was fantastic, the apprentice from the Force Unleashed. He was a very cool guy as I mentioned, I just left him a comment on his blog to say it was nice to meet him and the sketch he did was fantastic and he already answered back on the blog to say thanks haha!

So that was our day, yeah I am probably leaving out stuff, but that is what I can manage to write! A fantastic experience, everyone was so nice as well from the people we went there to see, to the people in attendance.

Oh yes I did purchase a Sylar action figure, couldn't leave empty handed! And Daniel bought me a signed little print of Jim's, thank you

Over and out and check the photos!

Armageddon Album 1
Armageddon Album 2

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