Thursday, November 6, 2008

It has been that long already

So, it is like November 6th already, I've been in Melbourne since the evening of October 21st. Hard to believe it has been that long already! It seems just like yesterday I made the decision to move and was looking for houses and work.

Everything is great really, the Unit is fine, it is smaller then what we had in Adelaide, but it is rather cosy and everything is set up really well. My room is almost perfect, if only my PC was working and I wasn't stuck on this lap top lol.

As usual I spent the day looking for work, as I do every day. It'd be awesome if someone would get back to me. I had 2 interviews last week, one said no and the other said I'd hear from them by today and of course, they have no rang! I have to go through this Job Network place, but I think going through them (Centrelink requirement) I should actually have a much better chance of securing work. They already sent me resume off to a really good sounding job that isn't far away and they seemed confident I should I get an interview, so fingers crossed.

I got my information for correspondence school for next year, I can start to enroll and check out what I want to do. It is very exciting, I am really looking forward to completing my High School next year. An enrollment counselor is going to call me next week on Tuesday, looking forward to that!

I think most things are pretty much sorted, settled in pretty well, Toby seems to like it here, I think he really likes seeing his cousin Carlos as well, we visited Rachel on Monday and they were running a muck in the house, it was hilarious. I'm hoping we can get some things rolling for Rachel's wedding, try and get started on the invitations, it is so exciting!

I am actually feeling so much happier now that I am here, the only thing lacking is a job, but hopefully it wont be that way much longer. Time to send out more applications and next week with the Job Network place should be a huge help as well, everyone was so nice there. They offer help with your resume, interview skills, cover letters and stuff, so I'll be taking advantage of that. They said if I do get an interview from where I applied yesterday they'd be happy to run through interview questions and get my confidence up ect... which is great. They seem to actually be more helpful then when I went through the ones in Adelaide.

If you haven't already check out my Armageddon blog and photos, that was great!

I shall be around, and you guys know where to catch me!

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