Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Job situation

Well being unemployed sucks, and I am in this situation because I moved cities, and while I tried my best to secure interviews before I moved I was not successful. Since being here in Melbourne, so I have money coming in while I try and get work I had to sign up with Centrelink.

So far that is all fine, I'm doing the right thing and doing what is required of me. Which includes going to a Job Network place and doing things through them. It looks like Centrelink gave me the jackpot with my Job Network provider, they are actually quite fantastic, very nice and actually helpful. The sessions I've had to go to through them are actually pretty good and I go away with knowledge that I can actually use and apply for looking for work, getting the interview ect...

The man that runs it, is a good guy, he tells it like it is and he is very honest about everything. The advice he gives, is actually stuff that I can use and put to good use at that. Unlike the Job Network people I dealt with in Adelaide, he actually gives it to you straight and in a helpful way. If you need to ask something, he will take the time and answer it for you, he wont blow you off, like they did back in Adelaide. The ladies in the office there, saw what I had written on my forms, and they saw the type of work I was interested in, and told me about some opportunities that had come in that morning and said they would grab my resume and apply me for the position. It had been two weeks but yesterday I finally heard back and I had an interview. I asked the man who runs the session, how I managed to secure an interview without a covering letter, and he said they would have been extremely impressed with my resume. He said obviously what I am doing is working, to keep it up and I should secure employment.

I had a few interviews last week, one actually turned out to be very fraudulent. False advertising, and all of that, I was very disappointed that I had to set back my school enrollment to attend that interview. The interview I had on Wednesday went extremely well and I phoned back today and indeed she had put me forward for a 2nd interview with the employer and that they were just waiting for the employer to confirm interview times and as soon as they knew I would get the call. The other interview I had on Friday went really well as well, and I think they were seriously considering me for the role, it was with two people I would be working with and not a recruiter. I hope I do hear back from them as well, I will call them to see what is happening. With these coming on, hopefully I will have work soon. I just better not mess up in the interview, but so far I think so good. I've had more experience with interviews and with the help and advice I've gotten my confidence has risen so much, and I feel much more comfortable with it. I will keep on applying, but I really would love to secure one of these roles as they are really good and I know I would really enjoy doing them.

Wish me luck, hopefully within the next few weeks I will be employed again! Not only that, hopefully nothing comes up next Tuesday and I can actually enroll for to complete High School too!

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