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Wii and Migraines

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So, I felt like blogging this afternoon. Foxtel finally has been set up again, after like six weeks of getting screwed around by them. But get this folks, after an hour it stops working. Make a phone call, they said they would call back and work on fixing it. Two hours later nothing, ring again and the guy then resets something and it is working again. Foxtel = USELESS VERY USELESS! I can live without it really, but my mother on the other hand cannot.

Speaking about my mother, this past weekend when I went over to spend some time with Daniel, she goes out and buys a Wii. Yes, I have wanted to have a gaming console for a long time (PS3 actually) but being unemployed I had asked her to wait until I was working. But nope, she had to buy the Wii...and I don't care if you read this either Mum, sure it is great to have a Wii, but waiting would not have killed either. Anyway, the console came with Wii Sports, Sonic Unleashed and Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Olympics. I haven't played Sonic Unleashed yet, Rachel and Luca are borrowing it. Wii Sports is fun, good to play against each other (Daniel likes to cheat lol), bowling is cool, baseball is difficult, I am liking golf now I am getting the hang of it, tennis is good fun as well and boxing is fantastic, now that is hard work! Daniel bought me Star Wars Lightsaber Duals, its not bad, it is hard work though, need to practise some more. It is fun having light saber duals hehehe, every Star Wars nerds dream. He (Dan) did get me the Laser Sword to go with it, but the damn product is faulty, so I took it back and got TopSpin 3 game. Now that is a pretty wicked tennis game, such a great challenge on the Wii, you have to actually put effort in it and pay attention, its fantastic, I really love it.

So yes Saturday night and Sunday were spent playing the Wii, and getting a very sore back and arm! Before that me and Daniel caught Quantum of Solace at the movies Friday evening. I really liked it, I thought it was a good film, not as good as Royale though. The action in it was great, especially the opening, that was just so well done. Daniel Craig makes for a great Bond, he was the right choice thats for sure. The only problem with the film was a weakish story, but they are definitely leading into a third. I think their plan is for Royal, Solace and the third to all tie in together and something meant to be watched back to back. Should be good to see what the next one will bring.

So the weekend was great, good times. Didn't think I'd even get to see Daniel on the weekend, so it was very nice to spend that time together. Dans off to Adelaide this weekend, have to have a Dan-less weekend lol hopefully despite being busy while in Adelaide he has a good trip :) I will miss ya!

Moving on to migraines, they suck basically. I had a really bad one last week and I had a killer one last night. I have no idea what is bringing them on, well last weeks I have no idea, I know what last nights was about and it is possible I will get another one tonight as well. I do think perhaps my on going back issues could be bringing them on, I want to start working and then find somewhere to go, maybe start with massage. Because these treatments are not cheap, I want to be working before I go ahead with them and having real money coming in.

Well tomorrow after almost a year I am getting my hair cut. Just a small trim though, maybe get a layer put in. I am not getting it cut short, I love having long hair. See what I decide tomorrow in reguards to the layer. Not sure if down the track I might play around with the colour, streak it or something maybe??? I finally feel confident enough to do something with my hair, now that I can straighten it and everything and I got some new products to try (Shampoo, Conditioner ect...) so hopefully it all works out.

Over and out for now :) might go and try another drawing eh

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