Saturday, December 27, 2008

Almost 2009...

Geez, hard to believe it is almost 2009! 2008 was an eventful year for me, a lot happened and a lot changed. Somethings were good, and some were bad, some were sad, some were happy.

It really didn't start off as a good year, had a break up the year before, ex was getting ready to move out. I was hoping to move to Melbourne but then decided to stay put. Nonno wasn't doing very well, and things happened, he ended up in hospital and then was at aunty Franca's house recovering. Mum made the trip back from Italy and moved in with me as the ex moved out. It was a few days before Easter weekend. And then Nonno had a massive stroke on Easter Saturday, at that time we were in the middle of moving one person out the house and buying all new stuff from Ikea. Easter Sunday we spent at the hospital and got the news that Nonno was dying, and they didn't know how long he would have. He lasted until Wednesday night, I remember Mum getting the call he was going and she raced to the hospital. And then John arrived at my house and then Dad and Cathy stopped by. Those few weeks were just horrible and so sad, it was horrible to see him in that state, and all the while thinking why did he have that stroke...he didn't deserve something so horrible. At that time, someone had quit at work and I was working like a dog, not having a single day off to grief and have time to have everything sink in. During all this our new fridge broke down, we had to deal with that rubbish as well, anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Telstra messed up and we didn't have a phone for nearly 3 days as well. Makes things difficult when all this stuff was happening. It was basically 2 weeks of hell, and it's hard to believe this all happened all those many months ago. I always think about Nonno and Nonna, he made it just over 4 years without her. The funeral service and everything I thought was very nice, and Dad wrote a really beautiful poem which we put in the coffin and then we printed out copies a few months later.

Life went on, had a lot of ups and downs, between work and my health, it wasn't very nice. Trying to meet some new people, people being complete assholes towards me. Felt like I was getting used by people, it was just pretty rotten actually. For whatever reason I decided to have someone back in my life and I wish I didn't, too much shit happened and yes I regret things but it shits me when people don't take any responsibilities for their actions and make up lies to make themselves sound better and make you sound even worse. Act like that and people wont be your friend, and you'll end up alone. It wouldn't surprise me if that is what happened to that person.

Oh well, mid year I met right here on this thing, a very awesome person. I think messaging them was the best thing I could have done actually. Started chit chatting on MSN and everything and then met up some time later for the premiere of The Dark Knight. I guess the rest is history, got to know each other some more and hung out a bit and totally fell for him. We ended up deciding to be together, and you know I couldn't be happier. All this and the fact I wanted change and a new start like I did at the start of the year and everything, contributed to my move to Melbourne. He had a job here starting after my birthday, my lease was up mid-November, what better time to move really. Finally getting to do what I wanted and still being able to be together with him. Everything has been great here, its awesome being close to Rachel, I missed my sister so much. I had to give up my cats to come here, which was beyond heart breaking, but at least they went to good and loving homes, it felt right. I miss them so much, and I hope they are well. The only thing that hasn't worked out so far is a job, but I am confident that it will soon enough. The new year is only a few days away, more jobs will come up and some sorry sucker lol will hire me! I just have to be persisant and not give up and do my best! I am not sure if I will finish off my Year 12, or do a course and gain qualifications, next few weeks I will decide. The thing is if I do a course and then get a job, some of the jobs I am going for offer the courses so I am just not quite sure. Just see what happens, but one thing is for sure I will be studying and improving my chances. I look forward to it, and I really hope work comes up soon. I hate being unemployed and not earning money, it makes life that much more difficult, but I guess what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Well I say good bye to 2008, I thank it for the good that came out of it (Mum moving back, getting with Daniel, moving to Melbourne ect...) and say hello 2009, I hope it is a much better year!

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