Monday, December 8, 2008

The dramas continue...

Yes, there are always dramas in my life, and they continue. I mean yes there is the job dramas, all the interviews I've had and no job, been turned out. Nothing actually wrong with me apparently, one place just had other people they were considering because of their experience, you know the usual. I haven't been contacted by any other places, I've been applying, but right now there just isn't all that much available because we are coming up to the end of the year. Come the new year, there will be more out there, so I will probably have a better chance. I've even applied to some jobs more then once, it gets very depressing I tell you.

So yeah, dramas with Toby. He was sick Saturday night, he had major back problems and his lungs had started filling with fluid because he wasn't taking his medication. He's on these steriods for a few weeks to help his back, his lungs are fine now, he has to keep taking the meds. And he had this lump which was coming and going, and Vets in Adelaide said it was arthritis related...umm yeah, stupid idiots, he has another hernia! I am so pissed off with the Adelaide Clinic, all they care about is doing useless tests and taking my money off me, rather then actually diagnosing the dog with an actual condition. The good news is, the hernia is small and not doing anything to Toby right now and he can live fine with it, just make sure his bowels are regular. The bad news is, we don't want it to get worse, because it will cause major problems and likely kill him, and with his heart condition and age it probably wouldn't be worth him having the surgery again, very risky and complicated. So lets hope the hernia stays the way it is and let Toby live out the rest of his days in peace. This poor dog in his 13 years has been through so much, I just want what little time he has to be peaceful for him. He has a lot of life and fight still in him and he isn't ready to go just yet. I'll be thankful for another 6 to 12 months. The Vet said with all the dramas of the last few days he was in quite good health, his heart sounded good and his heart rate was down which is good for his condition. She said his teeth looked pretty good (see at Adelaide they kept saying they weren't because they wanted more money), and that he was looking well for his age. So please, lets hope this hernia doesn't get any worse.

Well time for lunch and more job searching, fun fun fun!

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