Tuesday, December 9, 2008



I decided to rewatch this classic after reading the novel which was recommended to me. I have to say the novel was quite a surprise and much different then I had expected. Certain things remained the same with the book and film and certain things were changed. I can understand the changes that were made as they worked really well for the film. Certain things in the book I don't think would have worked in the film.

The main thing which I really love how this film are our three main characters, Brody, Hooper and Quint. You can't really ask for a better cast to play those three, Roy Scheider is really the only person I could ever see in the role of Brody, he is spot on. Richard Dreyfuss is such a fantastic actor and he really suits Hooper. Robert Shaw is just insanely brilliant as Quint, I just loved him. The three men have such a fantastic chemistry together, it works so well. Without that, this film would have failed. The story is good, the shark threatens the town, but the shark just isn't any old shark, he seems pretty crazy! A nice massive great white shark, to ruin the summer of the small town.

Sure the actual effects are really dated and when you see the shark it doesn't look that scary but for the mid 1970's it is quite the achievement. Jaws is made all the more scary but the fantastic score by John Williams, he came up with yet another classic. It seems like whenever you see a shark that music just plays in your mind.

Overall this is a really great film, what they accomplished was really awesome quite simply put. I appreciated the changes made from book to film, what they did made it work on screen. The book however is in a league of its own and Peter Benchley came up with a classic.

Of course everyone should check out Jaws at least once in their lifetime.

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