Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking back at TDK

Well a few weeks ago probably the most anticipated film was released on DVD, which of course was The Dark Knight, which was easily the biggest film of the year.

I was just thinking, now with the awards season in full swing, and all the promotion for Heath Ledger getting Best Supporting Actor nominations, would this all have been as heavily promoted if he had not have passed away? It seemed once he did pass away, the talk of the film increased so much, and everyone was even more excited to see his performance in the film. Would it have been the same if he was alive? I guess we will never know, but what is rather annoying is he is the only thing people talk about with the film. Yes, he was excellent, and yes the character of the Joker was excellent and quite possibly one of the most awesome villains we have seen on screen for some time. But what about Aaron Eckhart?

Now he was in my opinion just as good as Ledger and he had quite the challenging role to play. Playing Harvey Dent and going through that transformation was not easy, it had to be believable and convincing, and I don't think having another actor in that role would have had quite the same affect. So why then has his excellent performance been so ignored. Well I think we know that answer really, and I think it is quite sad. I think he deserves recognition for the role he played, and I would say deserving just as much as Ledger to be nominated for awards. But he has been largely ignored now, which is quite a shame.

I wonder how long it will be before a re-release of The Dark Knight on DVD will happen, complete with Commentary and all the other goodies that were lacking on this. Most of us will likely to be double dipping in the near future eh?

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