Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whoa its been awhile

Holy crap, it has been awhile since I've actually blogged! I guess a lot has happened and I just haven't really had the time!

Well first things first, I am no longer a single girl. I have a partner in crime, and he really is the best thing of all time!

Next time, I am moving out of Adelaide in just 2 weeks! Having secured a Unit for me and Mum just outside of Melbourne, right near my sister, I am getting out of here and starting fresh! Just need to find a job to get me started and then next year complete high school. Life is getting on track WOOHOOOO!

Unfortunately with the move I had to find new homes for my two cats River and Billy. They both have new homes now, and it seems like they went to the right people and they will be loved and looked after and make some people happy. Toby on the bright side is coming with us, and he's still going strong.

I finish work next Friday and I couldn't be happier to finally be leaving there. With all my health issues that place has given me, I should be better then ever once I finally stop working there. My back should hopefully get much better as long as I look after myself which I shall do.

I actually got behind the wheel of a car thanks to my partner in crime who gave me a short lesson and I drove a little bit down the street and did a few turns and reversed a little. It was my first time driving a manual so I was scared out of my mind but I did calm down eventually. Apparently there is hope for me yet. I did better driving Dads automatically because there is nothing to that basically. But his car is twice the size of Mums, so being it was so big was pretty overwhelming when I drove, and Dad is not the best teacher, with his zero patience lol.

So much to do and so little time, hopefully by tomorrow we'll have the removalists sorted and I can keep packing what I can and everything. Big pain moving, it'll be nice once we get there finally and can unpack. Should be an interesting rest of the month, which will end with my birthday YAY! I will be turning 24, so hard to believe too. Time flies, it really does!

Well if I can actually manage I'll have a few film reviews up at some stage. Well over and out for now peeps!

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