Monday, August 25, 2008

Son Of Rambow/FunnyGames/Stuck


What a simply fantastic film! I loved this so much, it is easily going on my favourite films list! The story is a good one, you have one boy who wants to make a film, he is a bit of a delinquent, you have another boy who is shy and his religion doesn't allowed him to watch television, so one day when the two boys paths cross, he watches First Blood. The two boys go about making their own film, which of course leads them to form a friendship and all of that stuff that goes with it. The film has so much heart, it was just such a joy watching it unfold. The script is great, direction is great, acting is great, can't really complain about anything really! I especially thought the two lead boys were awesome, such great performances. This has such a high rewatchable value for me, I am eager to own it very soon.


I was really looking forward to this considering it stars Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt. I was a bit let down, but overal I thought it was alright. It is a slow burn film, but I wasn't bored by it at all. I thought the cast did a pretty good job, stand out clearly Michael Pitt who can play this character so damn well, plus he is sooo easy on the eyes. What actually really got to me was how these people let the two guys just do what they want and play their games with them. I mean it looked like they could have gotten out of that situation so easily but didn't. I think that really let the film down for me, I really felt like the two guys were not that much of a threat yet the family made them one. Was that the point? I'm not sure...I don't know if seeing the original will help as I understand this is a shot for shot remake. There are some rather disturbing moments in the film, the off camera thing really helps with that as well. Hard to recommend this one, as the slow pace will put people off I think.


Being a fan of Stuart Gordon I was really looking forward to this. I had no idea how this would work as a film, the real story is awfully disturbing and I remember hearing about it. Leave it up to Stuart Gordon to make something very unique and disturbing, with his own twist. Story goes a young caregiver (mena Suvari) who is up for a promotion at work, goes out, has drugs/alcohol and decides to drive home, she hits Tom (Rea) who is a now homeless and unemployed. But she doesn't just hit him, he goes through her windshield, where she just leaves him. Brandi starts of as a likeable character but when you see her going to drive home despite the state she's in you automatically think what a stupid idiot. You really sympathise with Tom, played so well by Stephen Rea. And once she hits him, and she just leaves him there, you really just want to throttle her so badly. Mena Suvari is actually quite perfect in this role, displaying all the things her character is going through which ultimately like I said makes you want to throttle her. You can't help but want Tom to get away, but it seems things just go from bad to worse. The ending is a bit over the top but I did like it though. Something different from Stuart Gordon who will forever hold a special place in my heart for bringing my Re-Animator. This is not an easy film to recommend, but I would say if you are a fan of Stuart Gordon, Mena Suvari or Stephen Rea you really should check it out. And yes, this is based upon actual events, look it up, it is very disturbing!


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Michael Pitt easy on the eyes? That has got to be the understatement of the freaking century, blogger. Click on my name and see this amazing interview I conducted with Michael Pitt.

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LMAO @ the STUCK poster.

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