Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Babysitters


I'd seen the trailer and it had me quite interested, I always fall for the films about teenagers acting badly. Basically its about a girl in High School who turns her babysitting service into a prostitution service so she can make money for college. Of course it gets more complicated then that, but you have to see that for yourself. Interesting idea, but it falls flat towards the end though. Decent performances all round though, with Katherine Waterston (San Waterston's daughter) as the lead girl Shirley, and of course John Leguziamo as her first client. The chemistry between them was good, but the way things happen just seemed a bit too forced. There was zero chemistry between Cynthia Nixon and Leguziamo who play husband and wife. There are some rather full on scenes during the film, but it is not overly shocking. I can just imagine if Larry Clark had directed this perhaps it would have had a stronger impact.

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Anonymous said...

It's actually really good.. and the acting isn't bad.. just seems that way in the trailer